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Freight from the USA

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Shipping Boxes, Crates, and Pallets from the USA to South Africa. ECONOMY Service.

Calculate INSTANT LCL Sea freight Price Quote to South Africa

Using our Online Real-time LCL Sea freight Price Calculator on cargo shipping to South Africa is an easy, convenient and cost-effective way to arrange sizable international LCL shipment from the USA to South Africa at the convenience of your office or home computer. 

It is at your disposal 24/7 in the home page of our website  

It perfectly works on shipping COMMERCIAL FREIGHT as well as on transporting HOUSEHOLD GOODS and PERSONAL EFFECTS from the United States to South Africa.

You can obtain as many freight quotes as you wish from virtually any location in the U.S. to any city in South Africa listed it the online freight calculator. By utilizing this freight calculator you are not obligated on anything. It is free. You can use it either on your shipping needs or for consideration other offers on your cargo transportation to South Africa.

QUESTIONS: What is LCL? Why Economy Service? Why it's for me?

THE ANSWER IS: Shipping LCL freight means international cargo transportation from the USA to South Africa in boxes, crates, and pallets by sea. It is obvious that international transportation to South Africa by sea is the cheapest way of cargo delivery from the U.S. to South Africa. Then it should be considered an ECONOMY way to send boxes, crates, and pallets to South Africa.

There are many advantages to ship LCL instead of shipping parcels, hiring an international moving company or pay for airfreight. If you can pack your goods into cardboard shipping boxes or build a crate, then LCL is:

  • Convenient: You can schedule a cargo pickup at your business or residence OR you can self-deliver to a freight terminal and save on local transportation in the USA. Then the terminal can palletize your boxes and ship it to South Africa neat and safe.
  • Flexible: If you self-deliver your shipping goods, then having your shipment booked, you can deliver it on any working day. No appointment necessary.
  • Economical: If shipping LCL, then WEIGHT OF YOUR CARGO IS NOT A PRICING FACTOR, but the volume only*.  

You can find more about LCL shipping from the USA in this link.


Shipping Pallets from the USA by sea


Begin your LCL shipment to South Africa by selecting South Africa in the Destination Countries drop-down menu. Follow several simple steps and get a complete freight price quote on your cargo transportation to South Africa instantly. Consider different dimensions and weight on your international shipment to South Africa from the USA. Get as many freight quotes as you need. Email the best quote to yourself. Keep it on records. Shop around for other offers on freight shipping to South Africa. Then compare and, if you like, book your international shipment to send to South Africa, manage shipping documents, pay shipping cost and get your Bill of Lading online. 

This three minutes video on YouTube should help you to understand some tips on using our online LCL ocean freight calculator for your cargo delivery to South Africa by utilizing our Economy LCL Sea Freight Service.


 shipping freight from the USA by sea

Helpful topics on LCL cargo transportation to South Africa:


Remote Shipping from the USA to South Africa

If you are purchasing goods on U.S. eBay, Amazon or at any other seller in the USA and need it to be delivered to South Africa, then click on the picture below to see how easy the international delivery can be arranged using our sea freight calculator.


 video on shipping freight from the USA by sea


By obtaining a freight price quote on cargo transportation to South Africa from the USA in our online freight calculator and emailing the quote to yourself, you will instantly get a unique freight quote customer reference number. Having the reference number you may either to proceed to book or ask us questions about shipping from the U.S. to South Africa in an email by replying to the quote 24/7 or call us during our working hours. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your international cargo transportation needs on shipping to South Africa from the United States.

Prohibited commodity on shipping to South Africa
To avoid problems, extra charges and penalties you should stay away from shipping to South Africa the following commodity:
  • Perishable food products
  • Live animals, plants and seeds
  • Any medicines and drugs
  • Dangerous and Hazardous Goods are restricted and subject to approval and special procedures
  • Aerosols
  • Liquids
  • Cash, Money orders, credit and  debit cards
  • Passports and other confidential documents
  • Valuable jewelry, art, and antique
  • To simplify, avoid sending to South Africa items considered dangerous or prohibited with regular parcel service at your local USPS office.
  • If you pack in used boxes, erase all former shipping labels and marks. Especially if it relates to dangerous goods or hazardous materials.
  • If you are not positive that some of your goods are legal for freight shipping to South Africa, do not put your entire shipment at risk. Leave it. Do not ship or apply for legal assistance as in the U.S. as in South Africa.


Customers reviews and feedback

AMID Logistics always welcomes customer reviews, client testimonials, feedback and responses to our business. Upon completion shipments, we always provide to our customer's opportunities to share their experience on international shipping with us by submitting customer reviews, client testimonials, feedback or responses in different ways. It helps us to improve our service and quality of customers support. You may see some reviews and feedback on this link. Please do not hesitate to contact us about your international freight shipping to South Africa from the USA or send us a quick question regarding freight shipping to South Africa via any web page on our website.

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