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Valued packing list with AMID

Valued packing list

A valued packing list may substitute a commercial invoice or purchase receipt in international cargo transportation from the USA.

When shipping goods from the U.S. overseas, please do not confuse a packing list (1) that supplements commercial invoices with a VALUED packing list (2), which substitutes a commercial invoice and acts in international cargo transportation as a proforma commercial invoice.

  1. A packing list is occasionally used in cargo transportation to specify how shipping goods are packed for transport. It is an attachment to a commercial invoice and cannot be used without the commercial invoice. It does not provide a value for shipping from U.S. goods. Do not confuse a packing list with a woodpacking declaration.
  2. A VALUED packing list in international cargo transportation from the USA either acts as a proforma commercial invoice or substitutes commercial invoices in shipping from the U.S. household goods or personal belongings. Unless a commercial invoice or purchase receipt is present, a valued packing list is mandatory in international cargo transportation. Besides a commodity description, a valued packing list assigns the value of shipping from the USA goods in US$.

In shipping commercial cargo, providing copies of commercial invoices or purchase receipts in PDF files is highly suggested.

However, suppose shipping from the USA commercial freight and the shipper misses a commercial invoice or purchase receipt. In that case, they submit a proforma commercial invoice. In proforma commercial invoices, shippers describe commodities and assign a value to export goods from the USA on their own. It can be submitted in the form of a valued packing list.

If shipping from the U.S. household goods or personal effects that are not for sale but for personal use, then a valued packing list is the way to declare the shipping commodity and the value.

Please note that destination countries' customs may always reconsider the value of importing goods from the U.S. They may re-assign the value to match it with the fair market value on the day the goods entered the country's commerce zone.

In respect of international shipping from the USA, the valued packing list must be in English and provide the following information:

Valued packing lists and the sea freight bill of ladings are always considered together. Then, if some information is missing on a bill of lading, it can be retrieved from the corresponding valued packing list.


Valued packing list with AMID Logistics

When shipping from the U.S. commercial cargo, it is highly recommended to provide a copy of a commercial invoice or purchase receipt related to the shipping goods. Please make a copy in a PDF file and email it to us before the cargo is delivered to a sea freight carrier's terminal (CFS). 

However, if, for some reason, you miss such a document OR shipping from the USA household goods or personal effects, then with AMID Logistics, you can submit a valued packing list online via a web link provided in our shipping instructions. International freight carriers accept this document format to release a shipment for export from the United States. You can see the format of the document in this link.

It should meet the requirements of the destination Customs as well. However, not always. Sometimes destination country Customs may ask for a more specific document. In that case, the consignee has to work on it with the Customs on a case-by-case scenario.

Important: Effective on January 1st, 2011. All commercial invoices or valued packing lists must indicate at least the first eight digits of the U.S. Harmonized Tariff Schedule, the same as in bills of ladings.

Shippers may find the U.S. Harmonized Tariff Schedule on the following websites: or or

Upon your online booking request, you will receive our email with shipping instructions, including a web link to complete and submit your valued packing list online.


The blank of the valued packing list via the web link in our shipping instructions will be pre-formatted based on the information you provided when booking your international shipment on our website.

Remember that when submitting your valued packing list, always double-check all the information on it. If, after you submit one, you see any errors or typos, edit and re-submit the document. We will submit to the carrier the last submitted before you receive our email with an update on the carrier's release. After the cargo release notice, unless agreed separately, any further updates will be ignored.

No verbal correction requests will be accepted. All revisions in documents relating to international cargo transportation from the USA abroad must be requested in an email.

While submitting your documents to international shipping, you will have several opportunities to edit and re-submit these shipping documents. However, as soon as your documents are presented to the ocean freight carrier and your bill of lading is issued, all further corrections may be subject to amendment fees. As soon as your goods are entered into the commerce zone of your destination country, all amendments are under the destination country's officials' supervision.

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