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In respect of international cargo transportation from USA, all cargo exporting from USA must correspond with some sort of commercial invoices attached. International freight carriers will not release any cargo shipping from USA without a commercial invoice. Commercial invoice is the mandatory document on transporting cargo from USA. It will be required by origin and destination customs to check legality of shipping from USA goods and assign customs duty and fees.

Note: If shipping household goods or personal effects from USA overseas, then a Valued Packing List may substitute commercial invoices. Properly filed valued packing list on transporting from USA carg actually reflects all the information provided in commercial invoices. However, when goods will enter destination country's commerce zone, customs in some countries may ask to transfer valued packing list initially submitted at origin into a form of commercial invoice anyway.

  • If you're shipping from USA a commercial cargo, then it is highly recommended to provide a copy of original commercial invoice or a purchase receipt. If for any reason you miss such document, then a proforma commercial invoice in the form of valued packing list should be sufficient to release your goods to the shipping from USA as well as to work with the document at the destination.
  • If you're shipping from USA household goods or personal effects, then you list and describe commodity and assign value of shipped goods by yourself.

However, when transporting from USA, commercial invoices submitted to U.S. Customs, in order to get U.S. Customs releas, forms of shipping documentation that are sufficient to U.S. Customs may not always be sufficient for destination customs. You should not really worry about that. If destination customs insists, then you can furnish any other shipping documents to your importing goods at the destination. Your Customs Broker should be able to transform shipping documents initially provided in the United States into format required by the destination customs.


Suggestions on submitting Commercial Invoices to cargo shipping from USA

  1. If you transport from USA a commercial cargo, then, at a time of purchase, always request your merchant a commercial invoice in format acceptable to the international shipping from USA.

  2. The format of commercial invoice from you merchant may vary. Consider the essential information that must be presented in commercial invoices on in shipping from USA in this Valued Packing List.

  3. If you are shipping from USA household goods or personal effects, then you have to fill out and submit your Valued Packing List anyway.    


General requirements on format of Commercial Invoices in shipping from USA

Commercial Invoices to international shipping from USA must be in English. It must provide the following information (See the Section 141.86 of U.S. customs regulations on international shipping merchandises from the United States of America):

  • The port of entry to which the goods are designated;

  • Shippers (sellers) and Buyers full name, address and valid contact information;

  • Detailed description of shipping goods;

  • The number and type shipping units and the weight and measures;

  • Value of each item in USD based on exchange rate on the date of export;

  • The country of origin of the goods; and

  • All goods or services furnished for the production of goods being imported not included in the invoice price (if any)


Our online form of Proforma Commercial Invoice for on shipping from USA

Commercial international shippers should request merchants for commercial invoices in form acceptable by international Ocean freight carriers and U.S. Customs to shipping from USA. Household goods and Personal Effects transporting from USA overseas must be accompanied by the corresponding shipping document as well.

Otherwise, our clients should be able to fill out and submit a Valued Packing List that is considered a Proforma Commercial Invoice online via link in our shipping instructions. This shipping document should be acceptable by international freight carriers and U.S. Customs. Upon your booking request online in our website, we will e-mail to you this link in our shipping instructions. You may try the fully working version of the form of the shipping document in this link.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO SHIPMENTS TO/VIA EUROPEAN UNION: 24H E.U. Rule effective on January 1st, 2011. All commercial invoices or valued packing lists for shipments to/via E.U. require filing at least first six digits of U.S. Harmonized Tariff Schedule in the H.S. Code column. Shippers to other counties may leave the H.S. Code column blank. However, filing H.S. Codes to other countries is highly recommended.

  • In respect of international shipping HOUSEHOLD GOODS OR PERSONAL EFFECTS, the HS Code# to be used is: 9905.00

  • Any COMMERCIAL SHIPMENTS MUST PROVIDE H.S. CODES (at least the first six digits)

Shippers may find U.S. Harmonized Tariff Schedule in the following websites: or or

For more information please refer to this link -

Note that each shipping document to your shipping from USA submitted via our shipping instructions is unique. It is generated individually on your international ocean freight shipment and pre-formatted based on the information that you have provided when booked the shipment online.

IMPORTANT! While submit or receive your international shipping documents online, always double check all information in the document. If you see any errors or typos, urgently re-submit the document or ask us to correct it. During submitting your international shipping documents for your shipping from USA, you will have several opportunities to edit and re-submit the shipping documents. Keep in mind, as soon as shipping documents are submitted to the ocean freight carrier, all further correction may be subject to amendment fees.  Be possible only at a time when you recover your international shipment at the destination. As soon as you shipping goods are entered in commerce zone of your destination country, all further amendmets will be under supervisiom of the destination customs.



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