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The FIRST AND ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY STEP TO BEGIN an international LCL shipment with us is to get a price quote in our website. Then you can book your shipment via the quote. In order to avoid misunderstandings, misspellings and typos we do not accept quotes and booking requests over the phone or via fax.

To get an idea on our service welcome to browse References and Documents sections of our website, read FAQ, watch the video or email with general questions 24/7. If you already got a quote or booking with us, then please keep the quote or booking customer reference number in subject line of your email.

If you a first-time international shipper, then we would recommend you reading this page about shipping household goods overseas using LCL sea freight service.

Our customers support contact information:

Our daily work in our office: arranging and dispatching of international freight from and to the USA. International shipping customer service support.

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The international shipping dock in Savannah, GA. Quality cargo loading into sea freight containers: international shipping cars consolidated in sea freight containers, motorcycles, international shipping of general merchandise, personal goods  etc.

Loading docks in Savannah, GA Loading docks in Savannah, GA Loading docks in Savannah, GA Loading docks in Savannah, GA
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