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Freight from the USA

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E-Commerce and Remote shipping from the USA

This online freight calculator makes international e-commerce order deliveries from the USA easier and more affordable.

No matter whether you buy or sell on the U.S. market. No matter where in the world you are. With this online freight calculator, you can manage relatively large e-commerce deliveries from the USA using economy LCL freight service at the convenience of your office or home or even on the go.

As soon as you've got a deal, go on this online freight calculator and:

Click on the picture to watch a three-minute video on YouTube about how the online freight calculator works.

E-commerce orders deliveries USA

This online freight calculator lets you deliver goods packed in boxes and crates from the USA abroad. If you ship goods in boxes, your boxes can be appropriately palletized for international transportation at the ocean carrier's freight terminal (CFS), obeying ISPM 15 regulations.


What's it for?

Most of the time, U.S. merchants support e-commerce order deliveries in the USA only. They ship orders within the USA for a reasonable fee or even for free.

Small and midsize U.S. businesses typically do not ship orders out of the U.S. They avoid being involved in procedures related to international cargo transportation. However, they never mind selling goods overseas. If an American Freight forwarder organizes international deliveries of goods sold to foreign buyers, they always welcome such a business.

AMID Logistics is such a U.S. freight forwarder.

What's more, AMID Logistics offers to utilize the online freight calculator, making it possible to thoroughly plan international freight independently 24/7 and book international deliveries after all the preparatory work.

Shipping eCommerce from USA

Please note that our primary business is LCL freight. LCL means shipping from the USA relatively large cargo by sea that is appropriately packed for international transportation in boxes, crates, or stacked on pallets. We are not involved in airfreight. We do not ship motor vehicles.


How does it work?

Any international LCL freight shipment begins with submitting cargo to a sea freight carrier's terminal, which is professionally called a CFS (Container Freight Station).

It is essential to reconfirm with a U.S. seller whether the purchase price includes delivery to the CFS within the U.S. or not.

A. If Yes, the U.S. merchant provides deliveries within the USA, then:

  1. Select your destination using our online freight calculator. Then, you will see the list of available freight terminals (CFS) where your order can be delivered for shipping overseas*. Calculate a price quote and, when ready, book the shipment online.
  2. Upon your booking and deposit, you will receive our email with shipping instructions, typically within 24 business hours after you paid a deposit.
  3. Read these instructions, forward them to your merchant, and ask your merchant to deliver your goods to the CFS for further international shipping**.

B. If Not, the merchant DOES NOT provide deliveries within the U.S., then:

  1. When calculating a price quote on the website, select' YES' in the pickup options. PICKUP IS REQUIRED.
  2. Book your international shipment via the quote that includes a pickup (option B or C in your quote). After your deposit, you will receive an email with our shipping instructions on the cargo pickup at your merchant.
  3. Forward the instructions to the merchant. Ask them to pack your order properly for international delivery, follow the instructions, and submit your cargo to the pickup driver. We schedule pickups with U.S. domestic LTL trucking companies. A pickup driver will pick up your goods for further international shipping on the appointed pickup day.


All further shipping procedures will be the same as explained in this step-by-step guide.

*Please note that the most economical way to ship overseas is to directly deliver your order to an ocean freight carrier's terminal (professionally called CFS—Container Freight Station). Our online freight calculator lists such terminals in upper case, which are highlighted. For example, PHILADELPHIA, PA. We do not recommend selecting Line Haul terminals listed in lowercase with an asterisk (*) (Allentown, PA*, for example).

The cheapest CFSs should be on the U.S. East Coast - NEW YORK, NY, and on the U.S. West Coast - LOS ANGELES, CA.  


If you or your merchant in the U.S. involves a U.S. LTL trucking company to deliver your order to a freight terminal appointed in our shipping instructions (you have selected NO PICKUP REQUIRED), then upon receipt of our email with shipping instructions, please pay extreme attention to the freight terminal address, the contact information, and:

Ensure that the LTL bill of lading or delivery order includes the ocean freight carrier's booking number, which is the key reference number for recognizing your cargo at CFS. Do not confuse the booking number with AMID Logistics's internal customer reference number!

If you receive an LTL inland bill of lading, the number will already be on the bill of lading.

The OCEAN FREIGHT BOOKING NUMBER will recognize your order at CFS, and CFS will accept the cargo for international shipping from the USA to your destination country.

See where you can find the ocean freight CARRIER'S BOOKING NUMBER in the sample of our Dock Receipt:

Carrier Booking Number on your delivery order


Always be able to provide POD

If, in your cargo delivery, you use a third-party trucking company, such as FedEx Ground Shipping, UPS Freight, etc., always request a signature on delivery. For example, always select the Signature Confirmation Option when submitting a delivery order. Then, you should be able to ask the trucking company for a formal POD (copy of Proof of Delivery with a signature). Online tracking does not consider POD.

The reason is that sometimes, delivery drivers drop off cargo at the gates of freight terminals unattended without obtaining signatures on shipping documents. As a result, drivers could leave cargo at the wrong freight terminal or gate or deliver just a part of the cargo.

If a shipper cannot provide a formal POD, then freight terminals may reject any claims and will not initiate an investigation on missing cargo.


Shipping partial cargo. Combining two or more orders into one single shipment.

Some of our new customers request us to accept several deliveries. They need to combine all the deliveries into one international shipment and ship it from the U.S. overseas under a single sea freight bill of lading.

For example, you remotely buy several smaller orders on Amazon. You must provide your Amazon merchants with an address in the USA where all the orders should be delivered. After that, you must combine all the orders at the address to deliver from the U.S. abroad.

In respect of LCL freight service, that means that you want us to accept several U.S. domestic deliveries at a particular ocean freight carrier terminal (CFS - Container Freight Station) for the consolidation into one single international LCL shipment.

Yes, we do that all the time. Such international shipments are called "shipping partial cargo." However, shipping partial cargo fits for shipping relatively sizable cargo. Do not confuse shipping LCL partial cargo with consolidating small packages into boxes like, etc.

If shipping partial cargo LCL fits your needs, then you have to be aware of certain conditions and limitations in shipping partial cargo.


With regular LCL shipments, each cargo delivery to a CFS is booked under one unique AMID's reference and carrier's booking number. Upon delivery, if shipping documentation is in order, the CFS will do its best to ship the cargo automatically out of the U.S. as soon as possible without any additional notice.

If, for some reason, your cargo is on hold at CFS, then Free Storage Time depends on CFS (sea freight carriers' freight terminals). I.e., CFSs with a short storage time do not support partial cargo. For example:

Saint George Logistics freight terminal in Los Angeles (LAX) DOES NOT SUPPORT PARTIAL CARGO due to extremely limited free storage time:

However, the Saint George Logistics freight terminal in New York (NY) may support partial cargo. As of 2022, the free stoppage is up to 21 days. You will be billed for storage on day 22 under all circumstances. The export storage rates will be invoiced as follows:

Conditions and Limitations in Shipping Partial Cargo. PARTIAL CARGO MUST BE APPROVED IN ADVANCE!

Suppose you need to combine two or more cargo deliveries into one single shipment under the same ocean freight carrier's booking and our customer reference number. In that case, it must be booked in advance, approved by AMID Logistics, and:

If you comply with these conditions, please quote and book your partial shipment on our website by selecting LCL: Shipping boxes, crates, and pallets.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!: Shipping partial cargo must be approved in advance. At the time of booking, in the COMMENTS AND QUESTIONS line at the bottom of our online booking form or/and a prompt reply to our email to your LCL Booking Request, YOU MUST ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS:

  1. How many deliveries should we expect?
  2. How many merchants were involved? List your merchants.
  3. What is the time frame for all the deliveries?
  4. Do you understand that free storage time may be limited from 4 to 21 days?
  5. Do you understand that the CFS may reject deliveries without the CARRIER'S BOOKING NUMBER on delivery orders?
  6. Do you know that the $35 fee will apply to every single additional cargo delivery on top of the first delivery?

Also, please remember that shipping partial cargo doesn't mean that CFSs will track, check out, and match shippers' orders. Content checks in deliveries are NOT permitted.

CFSs should inform the shipper about each delivery by providing warehouse receipts for each delivery under the same booking number. They provide pictures on top of warehouse receipts for each delivery when possible. However, shipping partial cargo means accepting cargo under the same carrier's booking number, storing it, and, upon the shipper's approval, palletizing and sending it to the destination under a single bill of lading.

Please note that some international ocean freight carriers do not offer partial cargo service for shipping cargo from the USA. Once again, sending a partial shipment must be approved in advance!

If AMID Logistics did not approve a partial shipment before we provided shipping instructions, then every cargo delivery to CFS will be processed as a single shipment.

Please get in touch with us in advance for more details regarding shipping from the USA or partial cargo.

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