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Instructions with AMID | 3 types of instructors

Shipping instructions in LCL freight

Regardless of the international cargo transportation company that supports your international shipping from the USA, shipping instructions in LCL freight should include at least this essential information:

  1. Ocean freight carrier's booking number - the key number in your international shipping,
  2. Internal document reference number, which is specific to the company that serves you in international shipping,
  3. Cargo delivery address and the telephone number OR, if there is a pickup, the pickup reference number, and the trucker's contact information,
  4. Place of cargo receipt, a port of departure, a port of discharge, and the place of delivery, 
  5. Sailing details, including:
    - ETD - an estimated day when cargo should depart from the USA,
    - ETA - an estimated day when cargo should arrive at the place of delivery,
    - Cargo Cutoff - the latest cargo delivery day so that the shipping goods would depart from the U.S. as scheduled,
    - Vessel's name and the Voyage number.

Please note that formats of instructions in shipping cargo from the USA abroad vary depending on cargo transportation mode and the transportation company that serves your international shipping needs. This website discusses international cargo transportation from the U.S. with global cargo transportation companies, such as U.S. Freight Forwarders, NVOCC, and VOCC, primarily shipping from the U.S. freight LCL. If you're moving overseas with an international moving company, then cargo transportation procedures in your relocation may differ.

Suppose you are an inexperienced first-time international shipper considering the possibility of shipping household goods or personal belongings from the USA using LCL freight. In that case, we'd highly recommend you read this article about sending household goods from the U.S. with LCL instead of hiring an international moving company.

As an experienced exporter, you may want to read about shipping procedures adjusted to managing LCL cargo transportation from the USA abroad with our online freight calculator in this step-by-step guide on the FAQ web page.


Shipping Instructions with AMID Logistics

The first and absolutely necessary step to begin an international LCL shipment with us is calculating a shipping cost and getting a price quote in our online freight calculator. Then, you can book your shipment online via the quote. You may watch this 3-minute YouTube video about how our online freight calculator works.

Upon your booking and deposit, we will email you our shipping instructions. Typically, it takes about 24 business hours. Sometimes, it may take a little longer. 

Shipping instructions depend on the type of service selected. There are three types of services we offer:

  1. The shipper delivers cargo to an ocean freight carrier's terminal (CFS) for further shipping from the USA overseas directly with an ocean freight carrier.
  2. If your shipping items are far from the nearest CFS, the shipper delivers cargo to a U.S. LTL domestic cargo transportation company warehouse. The load will be line hauled to a CFS for further international shipping.
  3. The shipper requests to pick up packed goods at the cargo location.

Regardless of the type of service selected, our email with shipping instructions will contain the following:

  1. A web link to see (and print, if necessary) our Dock Receipt.
  2. A web link to print shipping labels.
  3. A web link to fill out and submit a Valued Packing List (if a copy of the commercial invoice is unavailable OR shipping household goods or personal belongings).

Our dock receipt provides the essential information for your international shipping:

  • Ocean freight carrier's Booking Number - The key number during all international shipping;
  • AMID Logistics's Reference Number. It is our internal number. Please always provide the number when contacting us via email or phone. The format should look like this: US200102BL;
  • Cargo delivery aggress and phone number OR pickup information (if a pickup is required);
  • Sailing details.

Ship freight from USA 

Three types of instruction

The shipping instructions will differ depending on the type of service requested in the quote and booking. It is essential to print the proper document, which you will provide at the time of submitting your cargo to international shipping:

  • If you self-deliver cargo directly to an ocean carrier's freight terminal (CFS), then you need to open the web link with your Dock Receipt and print at least two copies of the Dock Receipt. The cargo delivery address and the CFS contact phone# are on the Dock Receipt. An example of a Dock Receipt is above. If you deliver cargo to a CFS, the Dock Receipt is the key document to initiate your international shipping.
    You may consider the Dock Receipt as a ticket for your international shipment. Deliver your packed and labeled goods to the CFS along with two printed copies of the Dock Receipt.
  • If you deliver cargo to a U.S. domestic LTL carrier warehouse to LINE HUAL your shipping goods to a CFS, then an LTL carrier's U.S. domestic bill of lading in a PDF file will be attached to our email with shipping instructions. See an example of an LTL bill of lading below. Print at least two copies of the LTL bill of lading. The cargo delivery address and the LTL terminal contact phone# are in our email with shipping instructions. If you deliver cargo at an LTL carrier's warehouse, the attached LTL bill of lading is the key document
    You may consider the LTL bill of lading as a ticket for your shipment. Deliver your packed and labeled goods to the LTL freight terminal along with two copies of the bill of lading.
  • If you requested a PICKUP (collection) cargo "at your door," then the pickup day will be confirmed, and an LTL carrier's U.S. domestic bill of lading is in the PDF file attached. See an example of an LTL bill of lading below. Print at least two copies of the LTL bill of lading, and prepare to meet a pickup driver on the pickup day. The phone# of a dispatcher of the LTL company is in our email body with shipping instructions. If there is a pickup request, the attached to your shipping instructions LTL bill of lading is the key document.

    Submit your cargo to the pickup driver, along with the LTL bill of lading, on the day of the pickup. Have your copy signed and dated by the pickup driver. Please keep it on file as proof of pickup. You may need to call the LTL company dispatcher a day before the pickup to conduct the pickup conditions and time slot.

An example of LTL BOL

international shipping cost

Print at least two copies of your key document. Give one copy to the person who accepted your cargo to international shipping from the U.S. Ask them to write the number of shipping units you have provided for international transportation. Add any comments, if necessary, and date and sign the document. Keep the document on file. It is proof of your cargo submission for overseas shipping from the U.S.

Upon receipt of the email with our shipping instructions, please reply to the email and confirm the receipt.

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