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Dock receipt with AMID | Hints on dock receipt

Dock Receipt in the U.S. LCL freight

In LCL freight, a dock receipt is a document that permits deliveries of properly packaged cargo into ocean freight carrier terminals for further handling and transportation from the USA inside 40-foot sea freight containers. In shipping freight LCL, such freight terminals are called Container Freight Stations or CFS.

Upon cargo delivery to CFS, a CFS cargo receptionist should write on the dock receipt the number of delivered shipping units, any comments (if necessary), and the date and sign the dock receipt.

Shippers should keep a copy of the document as proof of their cargo delivery for international shipping.


Dock receipt with AMID Logistics

Upon booking via a quote obtained in our online freight calculator, you will receive our email with shipping instructions, typically within 24 business hours. The shipping instructions will contain a web link to see and print (if necessary) your dock receipt.

  • If you booked your shipment to be delivered directly to an ocean carrier freight terminal (CFS), print it. This is your key document. You may consider the dock receipt a "ticket for your shipment." Deliver cargo to the CFS along with the dock receipt.
  • However, suppose you booked your shipment to deliver at a local U.S. LTL carrier's freight terminal (LH) to line haul your cargo from the LH terminal to a CFS OR requested a cargo pickup. In that case, it is NOT necessary to print your dock receipt. It will be transferred to the CFS electronically. If delivered to a line haul terminal OR a pickup scheduled, your key document is the LTL domestic bill of lading attached to our email with shipping instructions.

Always double-check the information in your dock receipt! Unless you request corrections, all the information will be transferred to your sea freight bill of lading and arrival notice.

Ship goods from U.S.

Once again, please. When you booked your shipment in our online booking form, you provided information related to your international shipping from the U.S., including the legal contact information of the consigner, consignee, and notify party in the shipment. By pressing the submit button, you "virtually signed your booking." Upon receipt of the dock receipt, you can check the accuracy and ask us to correct something, if necessary.

Please remember that as soon as the information is transferred to your sea freight bill of lading, all further corrections may be subject to amendment fees. As soon as your cargo enters the commerce zone of your destination country, all amendments in your shipping documents will be under the supervision of officials in the country.

Besides the information that you entered at the time of booking, your dock receipt will provide:

  1. Ocean freight carrier's booking number - the key number in your international shipping,
  2. Our internal shipment's reference number. The format of our reference number should be like US200112BL. Please do not confuse it with the carrier's booking number!
  3. Cargo delivery address and the telephone number OR, if a pickup, the pickup reference number and trucker's contact information,
  4. Place of cargo receipt and the port of departure, a port of discharge and the place of delivery, 
  5. Sailing details, including:
    - ETD - an estimated day when cargo should depart from the USA,
    - ETA - an estimated day when cargo should arrive at the place of delivery,
    - Cargo Cutoff - the latest cargo delivery day so that the shipping goods would depart from the U.S.  as scheduled,
    - Vessel's name and the Voyage number.


Hints on dock receipt

1. The ocean carrier booking number in your dock receipt is the key number for your international cargo transportation. All the information related to your shipment connects to the booking number.

For example, a trucker who delivers your cargo to CFS missed or lost your dock receipt. Then, please find a way to inform him of the booking number. Having the booking number, the CFS cargo receptionist will recognize your shipment and accept your international shipping goods from the USA overseas.

If you utilize a third-party trucking company such as FedEx Ground, DHL Ground, etc., ensure that the carrier's booking number is the key number in your delivery order.

2. Do not confuse the carrier's booking number with our internal reference number. Our reference number always has a format like US200212CL and is only for our communication with you.

3. Upon cargo delivery to CFS, insist that the CFS cargo receptionist indicate on your copy of the dock receipt the number of shipping units accepted for international transportation, write any comments, if necessary, date, and sign it. Please keep it on file as proof of your cargo delivery for international shipping from the U.S.

4. Do not confuse our dock receipt, a "ticket for your shipment," with CFS's warehouse receipt if you deliver cargo directly to CFS. CFS's warehouse receipt verifies the received cargo's weight/measurement (w/m). It also reflects the w/m after palletizing loose shipping units for secure international transportation from the USA abroad.

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