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Welcome to utilize our online freight calculator

Our online freight calculator is a reliable tool that connects U.S. merchants with buyers in different countries worldwide.

If you are on the U.S. market, bookmark the website, and concentrate on your international trade. Having a deal, you'll manage international deliveries of sold or purchased goods in the USA without involving anyone in international cargo transportation in your business.

This online LCL freight calculator is a cost-effective solution for shipping from the United States aboard relatively large cargo. It is available 24/7 from the convenience of your office or home, regardless of where in the world you are.

  • If you are in the USA and need to ship an order overseas, you reduce transportation costs in your operational expenses with this online freight calculator.
  • If you manage U.S. orders from overseas, you control the orders deliveries regardless of your location.
  • This real-time freight calculator perfectly works for e-Commerce and remote shipping.

Shipping international seafreight from the USA

Connect your business with the American Multimodal International Deliveries

Regardless of your business's nature, if it somehow connects to deliveries of relatively sizable items from the U.S. overseas, you should consider our business partnership. We'd be glad to offer you our 20+ years' experience in international cargo transportation from the USA in your everyday business.

Partner with us

We are always interested in establishing new business partnerships with licensed international freight forwarders, NVOCC, international shipping companies, and logistics providers in the USA and other countries in the world.

Currently, we are growing our business partner network related to shipping cargo from the U.S. overseas. Our IT technology representing the online freight calculator allows our service partners to participate in the network and complete diverse tasks related to all aspects of international cargo transportation from the USA.

As our service partner, you should be able to easily create your very own international sea freight shipping system connected to our international shipping companies' service partner network.

We also welcome you to affiliate with us.

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