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U.S. Sea freight Calculator
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• Less than Container Load (LCL) means shipping cargo in boxes or crates. LCL is a low-cost solution to ship smaller cargo that will not fill an entire 40-foot container.
• Need to find a freight terminal in the USA? Firstly select your destination country and city. Then filter by the U.S. States and see the list. Use Google Maps to find the distance. Use the ZIP Code Lookup to find a U.S. ZIP (postal) code.
• Do you need us to pick up (collect) cargo at the location? When quoting, select a pickup option. Then, in the final step, type a ZIP Code of your cargo location and get a price quote, including the pickup option.

American Multimodal International Deliveries - AMID Logistics, LLC is a U.S. international shipping company OTI - Ocean Transportation Intermediary - licensed and bonded U.S. Freight Forwarder. Our primary international shipping services are US International LCL Sea freight. I.e., shipping boxes, crates, and pallets from the USA overseas. We are shipping Commercial cargo as well as shipping Household Goods and Personal effects and belongings. Household Goods and Personal effects shippers should consider our international LCL Ocean freight service on shipping boxes, crates, and pallets Vs. shipping services provided by international moving companies. We are welcome you to utilize our online sea freight price calculator in your international shipping business. Our U.S. online sea freight price calculator is part of our international shipping system. It works in real-time online 24/7. You calculate international shipping costs on shipping boxes, crates, and pallets in minutes. It perfectly works for commercial and for household goods and personal effects shippers. We are also welcome to participate in our AFFILIATES AND REFERRALS NETWORK. You can read AMID Logistics client testimonials on the CUSTOMER REVIEWS.

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