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Tracking your shipment

Most of the time, tracking is available on sea freight carriers’ websites. See on your shipping document which sea freight carrier is in your international shipping. For the tracking, use your CARRIER’S BOOKING NUMBER. Do not confuse CARRIER’S BOOKING NUMBER with our Customer Reference Number.

Below are the web links to the most commonly used freight carriers’ websites for tracking:

Suppose none of these carriers that are listed above is used in your international shipping. In that case, you may contact us to find out if online tracking is available, or we'll request your carrier to track it manually.

Basically, after you have paid our invoice and received your ocean freight express release bill of lading, all you have to do is wait for an Arrival Notice. You should expect the arrival notice on/in a few days before the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) for your shipment.

Most of the time, the arrival notice will be emailed to your consignee (and to the notify party, if any). That's why your email for contacts in the destination on your ocean freight bill of lading must be valid. Pay extra attention to your email box around the ETA. Check the junk mail folder. Do not miss your arrival notice. Having the arrival notice, begin working on your import recovery without delays.

IMPORTANT!: If you track your shipment and see that ETA, as on your documents, has already come, but TRANSHIPMENT ETA is not yet available, then most likely your cargo is in transit from the PORT OF DISCHARGE to the PLACE OF DELIVERY BY ON CARRIER, as on your ocean freight bill of lading. In this case, if you still miss an arrival notice, YOU MAY NEED TO CONTACT THE CARRIER’S DESTINATION AGENT WITH YOUR BILL OF LADING. Contact information of the carrier's destination agent is on your bill of lading under FOR DELIVERY PLEASE APPLY TO. Provide the agent copy of your bill of lading via email or fax, reconfirm your contact information, and wait for the arrival notice. Otherwise, you may miss your arrival notice which will result in problems with your import recovery.

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