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Top world seaports

  1. World's top key seaports

  2. List of ocean freight CFSs for shipping freight LCL 

For your reference, here is the list of world seaports for international cargo transportation from and to the USA by sea. Note that this information may not be complete and updated. It does not mean that Amid Logistics serves all listed seaports. In respect of international shipping from and to the USA by sea, this information is for reference only and may be helpful for International Shipping Companies, International Moving Companies, Freight Forwarders, Importers, and Exporters. It may be useful for international shipping of household goods from or to the USA as well.

World's ocean freight container seaports by geographic area 


*(asterisk) - Belongs to the top 100 container seaports in the world 


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USA - Key ports only, Capital: Washington, DC. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Baltimore, Maryland*
  • Charleston, South Carolina* 
  • Houston / Galveston, Texas* 
  • Jacksonville, Florida*
  • Long Beach / Los Angeles, California*
  • Miami, Florida* 
  • New York, New York* 
  • Port Everglades, Florida* 
  • Port of Virginia / Norfolk, Virginia* 
  • San Francisco/Oakland, California* 
  • Savannah, Georgia* 
  • Seattle / Tacoma, Washington*

Canada - Key ports only, Capital: Ottawa, Ontario. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Halifax, Nova Scotia*
  • Montreal, Quebec*
  • Vancouver, British Columbia*  

Mexico - Key ports only, Capital: Mexico City. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Manzanillo, Pacific Ocean
  • Tampico, Gulf of Mexico  
  • Veracruz, Gulf of Mexico*


Bahamas, Capital: Freeport. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Freeport* 

Belize, Capital: Belmopan. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Belize City
  • Chetumal 

Costa Rica, Capital: San Jose. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Puerto Limon*
  • San Juan del Sur
  • Caldera

Cuba, Capital: Havana. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Havana
  • Matanzas 

The Dominican Republic, Capital: Santo Domingo. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Santo Domingo
  • Puerto Plata
  • Rio Haina 

El Salvador, Capital: San Salvador. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • La Libertad
  • Acajutla
  • San Lorenzo 

Guatemala, Capital: Guatemala City. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Santo Tomas de Castilla
  • Champerico
  • San Jose 

Haiti, Capital: Port au Prince. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Port au Prince
  • Cap Haitien 

Honduras, Capital: Tegucigalpa. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Puerto Castilla
  • Puerto Cortes 

Jamaica, Capital: Kingston. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Kingston*
  • Ocho Rios
  • Montego Bay 

Nicaragua, Capital: Managua. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Puerto Cabezas
  • Puerto Benjamin Zeledon 

Panama, Capital: Panama City. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Colon*
  • Balboa
  • Cristobal 

Puerto Rico/U.S., Capital: San Juan. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • San Juan*
  • Las Mareas
  • Ponce 

Other Islands. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Acklins Islands
  • Andros Island
  • Anguilla / U.K.
  • Antigua and Barbuda (St. Johns)
  • Aruba / Netherlands
  • Barbados (Bridgetown)
  • Bimini
  • Bonaire / Netherlands
  • The British Virgin Islands
  • Cat Island
  • Crooked Island
  • Curacao (Willemstad) / Netherlands
  • Dominica (Roseau)
  • Eleuthera
  • Grand Turks
  • Great Abaco
  • Great Exuma
  • Great Inagua
  • Grenada (St. George's)
  • Guadeloupe / France
  • Long Island
  • Marie Galante
  • Martinique (Fort de France) /  France
  • Mayaguana
  • Netherlands Antilles
  • New Providence (Nassau)
  • Rum Cay
  • San Salvador
  • St. Barthelemy
  • St. Christopher and Nevis Montserrat / UK
  • St. Croix / U.S.
  • St. Lucia (Castries)
  • St. Martin / France and the Netherlands
  • St. Vincent and Grenadines (Kingstown)
  • Trinidad and Tobago (Port of Spain)
  • Turks and Caicos Islands
  • Virgins Islands / U.S.


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Argentina, Capital: Buenos Aires. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Buenos Aires
  • Mar del Plata
  • Bahia Blanca
  • Punta Quilla 

Bolivia, Capitol: La Paz. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via Argentina or Brazil. 

Brazil, Capital: Brasilia. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Santos*
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Porto Alegre
  • Rio Grande 

Chile, Capital: Santiago. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • San Antonio*
  • Antofagasta
  • Valparaiso
  • Valdivia   

Colombia, Capital: Bogota. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Barranquilla
  • Puerto Bolivar
  • Cartagena
  • Turbo
  • Bonaventura

Ecuador, Capital: Quito. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Guayaquil*
  • Puna   

French Guiana, Capitol: Cheyenne. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Cheyenne
  • St. Laurent 

Guyana, Capital: Georgetown. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Georgetown 

Paraguay, Capital: Asuncion. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via Argentina. 

Peru, Capital: Lima. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Callao*
  • Matarani
  • Chimbote   

Suriname, Capital: Paramaribo. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Paramaribo 

Uruguay, Capital: Montevideo. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Montivideo 

Venezuela, Capital: Caracas. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Puerto Cabello*
  • La Guaira (Caracas)
  • Maraciaibo
  • Puerto la Cruz  


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Andorra, Co-principality of France and Spain. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • None. Landlocked country. Ocean freight via France and Spain.

Austria, Capital: Vienna. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • None. Landlocked country. Ocean freight via all major ports of Europe.   

Belgium, Capital: Brussels. Key Sea freight Ports:  

  • Antwerp*
  • Zeebrugge*
  • Ostend 

Denmark, Capital: Copenhagen. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Aarhus*
  • Copenhagen
  • Odense
  • Aalborg 

Estonia, Capital: Tallin. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Tallin
  • Kesklinna
  • Muuga
  • Harbour 

Germany, Capital: Berlin. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Hamburg*
  • Bremerhaven*
  • Rostock

Greece Piraeus   

Finland, Capital: Helsinki. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Helsinki
  • Kotka
  • Hanko
  • Hamina
  • Rauma
  • Oulu  

France, Capital: Paris. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Le Havre*
  • Brest
  • Calais
  • Dunkirk
  • Nantes
  • Bordeaux
  • Marseilles*
  • Corsica, a French Dependency: Bastia and Ajaccio   

Iceland, Capital: Reykjavik. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Reykjavik  

Ireland, Capital: Dublin. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Dublin*
  • Cork
  • Shannon
  • Estuary
  • Waterford

Italy, Capital: Rome. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Gioia Tauro*
  • Genoa*
  • Livorno*
  • La Spezia*
  • Naples
  • Salerno
  • Venice
  • Ravenna
  • Brindisi
  • Sicily: Palermo and Sardinia's Augusta

Latvia, Capital: Riga. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Riga
  • Liepaja
  • Ventspils

Lithuania, Capital: Vilnius. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Klaipeda  

Luxemburg, Capital: Luxemburg. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • None. Landlocked country. Ocean freight via Netherlands and Belgium 

Monaco, Principality in the Southeast of France. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Monaco 

Netherlands (Holland), Capital: Amsterdam. (Seat of Government: The Hague). Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Rotterdam (the largest part of the world)*
  • Amsterdam 

Norway, Capital: Oslo. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Bergen
  • Oslo
  • Stavanger
  • Kristiansund
  • Trondheim

Portugal, Capital: Lisbon. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Lisbon*
  • Leixoes
  • Setubal   

Spain, Capital: Madrid. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Barcelona*
  • Valencia*
  • Malaga
  • Algeciras*
  • Bilbao*
  • Santander
  • Gijon 
  • Las Palmas*
  • 'Gran Canaria Island   

Sweden, Capital: Stockholm. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Goteborg*
  • Stockholm
  • Gavle
  • Sundsvall
  • Trelleborg
  • Malmo

Switzerland, Capital: London. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • None. Landlocked country. Ocean freight via all major ports of Europe.  

The United Kingdom, Capital: London. Key Sea freight Ports:  

  • Felixstowe*
  • London/Thamesport*
  • Southampton*
  • Cardiff 
  • Liverpool*
  • Tilbury*
  • Aberdeen
  • Glasgow
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland


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Albania, Capital: Tirana. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Durres
  • Vlore 

Armenia, Capital: Yerevan. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via Georgia and Turkey

Azerbaijan, Capital: Baku. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Baku 

Belarus, Capital: Minsk. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via Lithuania and Latvia  

Bosnia-Herzegovina, Capital: Sarajevo. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via Croatia  

Bulgaria, Capital: Sofia. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Varna
  • Balchik
  • Nessebar

Crete (island of) Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Suda Bay
  • Canea 

Croatia, Capital: Zagreb. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Rijeka
  • Pula
  • Split
  • Place 

Cyprus (Island of), Capital: Nicosia / Turkish and Greek possession. Sea freight Ports:

  • Kyrenia
  • Limassol 

The Czech Republic, Capital: Prague. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports of Western Europe 

Georgia, Capital: Tbilisi. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Batumi
  • Poti
  • Sukhumi

Greece, Capital: Athens. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Piraeus*
  • Thessaloniki

Hungary, Capital: Budapest. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports of Western Europe  

Malta, Capital: Valletta. Sea freight Ports:

  • Malta Freeport* 

Macedonia, Capital: Skopje. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via Greece and Albania 

Moldova, Capital: Kishinev (Chisinau). Key Sea freight Ports:

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via Romania, Ukraine, and Russia 

Poland, Capital: Warsaw. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Gdansk
  • Gdynia
  • Ustka
  • Darlowo 

Romania, Capital: Bucharest. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Constantza
  • Mangalia
  • Sulina

Russia, Capital: Moscow. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • St. Petersburg
  • Kaliningrad
  • Rostov
  • Volgograd
  • Port on Don
  • Novorossiysk
  • Archangelsk
  • Murmansk

Serbia, Capital: Belgrade. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Kotor
  • Bar 

Slovakia, Capital: Bratislava. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports of Western Europe 

Slovenia, Capital: Ljubljana. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Koper
  • Piran 

Turkey, Capital: Ankara. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Izmir*
  • Istanbul
  • Mersin
  • Iskenderun
  • Izmit  

Ukraine, Capital: Kiev. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Odessa
  • Sevastopol
  • Yalta
  • Mariupol
  • Iliyechevsk 


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Bahrain, Capital: Al Manamah. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Mina Sulman
  • Sitra

Iran, Capital: Tehran. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Bandar Imman Khomeini
  • Bandar Shaheed Bahonar / Rejaee (formerly Bandar Abbass)
  • Khorramshahr
  • Abadan
  • Bandar Anazali

Iraq, Capital: Baghdad. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports in Beirut and Lebanon

Israel, Capital: Tel Aviv. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Ashdod*
  • Haifa
  • Eilat
  • Hadera

Jordan, Capital: Amman. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Aqaba
  • via Israeli ports

Kuwait, Capital: Kuwait. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Kuwait
  • Shuaiba 

Lebanon, Capital: Beirut. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Beirut
  • Selaata
  • Tripoli

Oman, Capital: Muscat. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Salalah*
  • Mina Raysut
  • Port Sultan Qaboos

Qatar, Capital: Doha. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Doha
  • Messaged

Saudi Arabia, Capital: Riyadh. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Dammam*
  • Jeddah*
  • Jubail
  • Gizan
  • Yanbu/King Fahd Port 

Syria, Capital: Damascus. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Lattakia
  • Tartous

U.A.E - the United Arab Emirates, Capital: Abu Dhabi. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Dubai (Jebel Ali & Port Rashid)*
  • Fujairah* 

Yemen, Capital: Tehran. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Hodeidah
  • Mokha
  • Aden
  • Mukalla


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Algeria, Capital: Algiers. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Algiers
  • Annaba
  • Ghazaouet
  • Oran 

Angola & Cabinda, Capital: Luanda. Key Sea freight Ports:  

  • Luanda
  • Lobito
  • Namibia 

Benin, Capital: Porto Novo. Key Sea freight Ports:  

  • Cotonou 

Botswana, Capital: Gaborone. Key Sea freight Ports:  

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports in South Africa  

Burkina Faso, Capital: Ouagadougou. Key Sea freight Ports:  

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports in Togo, Ghana and Ivory Coast 

Burundi, Capital: Bujumbura. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports in Tanzania  

Cameroon, Capital: Yaounde. Key Sea freight Ports:   

  • Douala

The central African Republic, Capital: Bangui. Key Sea freight Ports:   

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports in Cameroon

Chad, Capital: N'Djamena. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports in Cameroon 

Congo (The), Capital: Brazzaville. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Pointe Noire  

Congo (The Democratic Republic of), Capital: Kinshasha. Key Sea freight Ports:  

  • Matadi
  • Boma
  • Banana

Djibouti, Capital: Djibouti. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Djibouti

Egypt, Capital: Cairo. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Alexandria
  • Port Said
  • Suez
  • Damietta

Equatorial Guinea, Capital: Malabo. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Malabo (in Island)
  • Bata (on the African continent)

Eritrea, Capital: Asmera. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Assab
  • Massawa

Ethiopia, Capital: Addis Ababa. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports in Djibouti  

Gabon, Capital: Libreville. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Libreville
  • Port Gentil  

Gambia, Capital: Banjul. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Banjul  

Ghana, Capital: Accra. Key Sea freight Ports:   

  • Tema
  • Takoradi

Guinea, Capital: Conakry. Key Sea freight Ports:  

  • Conakry
  • Kamsar

Guinea Bissau, Capital: Bissau. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Bissau  

Ivory Coast, Capital: Abidjan. Key Sea freight Ports:   

  • Abidjan
  • San Pedro

Kenya, Capital: Nairobi. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Mombasa
  • Lamu 

Lesotho, Capital: Maseru. Key Sea freight Ports:  

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports in South Africa

Liberia, Capital: Monrovia. Key Sea freight Ports:   

  • Monrovia
  • Buchanan
  • Cape Palmas
  • Greenville

Libya, Capital: Tripoli. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Tripoli
  • Benghazi
  • Tobruk
  • Marsa el Brega

Madagascar (Island), Capital: Antananarivo. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Toamasina
  • Mahajanga
  • Antsiranana 

Malawi, Capital: Lilongwe. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports in Tanzania 

Mali, Capital: Bamako. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports in Senegal and Gambia

Mauritania, Capital: Nouakchott. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Nouakchott
  • Nouadhibou 

Morocco, Capital: Rabat. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Casablanca
  • Agadir
  • Tangier
  • Melilla (under Spanish jurisdiction)

Mozambique, Capital: Maputo. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Maputo
  • Beira
  • Nacala

Namibia, Capital: Windhoek. Key Sea freight Ports:  

  • Walvis Bay
  •  Luderitz

Niger, Capital: Niamey. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports in Nigeria

Nigeria, Capital: Abuja. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Apapa (Lagos)
  • Port Harcourt   

Rwanda, Capital: Kigali. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports in Tanzania

Senegal, Capital: Dakar. Key Sea freight Ports:  

  • Dakar
  • Kaolack

Sierra Leone, Capital: Freetown. Key Sea freight Ports:  

  • Freetown 

Somalia, Capital: Mogadishu. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Mogadishu
  • Berbera
  • Merca

South Africa, Capital: Pretoria (administrative); Cape Town (legislative); Bloemfontein (judicial). Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Durban*
  • Cape Town
  • Port Elizabeth
  • East London 

Sudan, Capital: Khartoum. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Port Sudan
  • Suakin 

Swaziland, Capital: Mbabane. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports in South Africa  

Tanzania, Capital: Dar Es Salaam. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Dar es Salaam 

Togo, Capital: Lome. Key Sea freight Ports:   

  • Lome

Tunisia, Capital: Tunis. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Tunis
  • Bizerta
  • Sfax
  • La Goelette

Uganda, Capital: Kampala. Key Sea freight Ports:  

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports in Kenya

Western Sahara, Capital: None. (Territory contested by Morocco and Polisario Front). Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Ad Dakhla
  • Laayoune (El Aaiun)

Zambia, Capital: Luska. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports in Tanzania 

Zimbabwe, Capital: Harare. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports in Tanzania 


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Afganistan, Capital: Kabul. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports Russia, Pakistan or Iran

Krygystan, Capital: Bishkek. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports Russia, Pakistan or Iran

Tajikistan, Capital: Dushanbe. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports Russia, Pakistan or Iran

 Turkmenistan, Capital: Ashkhabad. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports Russia, Pakistan or Iran

 Uzbekistan, Capital: Tashkent. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports Russia, Pakistan or Iran


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China, Capital: Beijing (Peking). Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Dalian*
  • Guangzhou*
  • Haikou (Hainan Island) 
  • Ningbo*
  • Qingdao*
  • Shanghai*
  • Shenzhen*
  • Tianjin*
  • Xiamen*
  • Zhanjiang 
  • Hong Kong* 

Japan, Capital: Tokyo. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Tokyo*
  • Yokohama*
  • Nagoya*
  • Osaka*
  • Kobe*
  • Hakata*

Kampuchea (Cambodia), Capital: Phnom-Penh. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Phnom-Penh
  • Sihanoukville

Laos, Capital: Vientiane. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports in Thailand  

Myanmar (Burma), Capital: Rangoon. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Yangon
  • Mawlamyine 

Mongolia, Capital: Ulan Bataar. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • None. Land Locked country. Ocean freight via ports in Russia and China 

North Korea, Capital: Pyongyang. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Chongjin
  • Nampo
  • Wonsan

Russia (Asian), Capital: Moscow. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Nakhodka
  • Vladivostok
  • Vostochyy
  • Uglrgorsk
  • Nevelsk (Sakhalin Island)  

South Korea, Capital: Seoul. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Pusan*
  • Inchon*
  • Kwangyang* 

Taiwan, Capital: Taipei. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Kaohsiung*
  • Keelung*
  • Taichung* 

Thailand, Capital: Bangkok. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Bangkok*
  • Laem Chabang*
  • Phuket (Malaya Peninsula) 

Vietnam, Capital: Hanoi. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Haiphong
  • Da Nang
  • Can Tho 


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Bangladesh, Capital: Dhaka. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • Chittagong
  • Chalna 

Bhutan, Capital: Thimphu. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • None. Landlocked country.

India, Capital: New Dehli. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Jawaharlal Nehru (Nhava Sheva)*
  • Mumbai (Bombay)*
  • Calcutta
  • Madras

Maldives, Capital: Male. Key Sea freight Ports:  

  • Male

Nepal, Capital: Kathmandu. Key Sea freight Ports: 

  • None. Landlocked country.

Pakistan, Capital: Islamabad. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Karachi
  • Port Qasim

Sri Lanka, Capital: Colombo. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Colombo*
  • Galle


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Brunei (Sultanate), Capital: Bandar Seri Begawan. Key Sea freight Ports:  

  • Maura Port

Indonesia, Capital: Jakarta. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Jakarta / Tanjung Priok*
  • Tanjung Perak (Jawa)
  • Palembang
  • Pahang
  • Kupang
  • Ujung Pandang
  • Sorong 

Malaysia, Capital: Kuala Lumpur. Key Sea freight Ports:  

  • Port Klang* (Selangor)
  • Penang* (Penang)
  • Johor* (Johor/Malacca)
  • Kuching
  • Kota Kinabalu
  • Kuantan 

Papua New Guinea, Capital: Port Moresby. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Port Moresby  

Philippines, Capital: Manila. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Manila* (Luzon)
  • Davao (Mindanao)
  • Cebu (Cebu) 


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Australia, Capital: Canberra. Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Sidney*
  • Melbourne*
  • Port Hedland
  • Fremantle
  • Newcastle
  • Brisbane
  • Hay Point
  • Port Walcott
  • Gladstone
  • Port Kembla
  • Adelaide

New Zealand, Capital: Wellington (North Island). Key Sea freight Ports:

  • Wellington
  • Auckland
  • New Plymouth
  • Bluff
  • Lyttelton
  • Otago 


The list of ocean freight CFSs accepting LCL freight (Container Freight Stations) alphabetically by country name

Ocean freight CFS of Albania   Back to the ocean freight CFSs list
- Durres, Albania
- Tirane, Albania

Ocean freight CFS of Algeria
- Algiers, Algeria
- Annaba, Algeria
- Bejaia, Algeria
- Hassi-messaoud, Algeria
- Mostaganem, Algeria
- Oran, Algeria
- Skikda, Algeria

Ocean freight CFS of American Samoa
- Pago Pago, American Samoa

Ocean freight CFS of Andorra
- Andorra, Andorra

Ocean freight CFS of Angola
- Cabinda, Angola
- Lobito, Angola
- Luanda, Angola
- Malonga, Angola
- Namibe, Angola
- Soyo, Angola

Ocean freight CFS of Anguilla
- Anguilla, Anguilla

Ocean freight CFS of Antigua
- Antigua, Antigua

Ocean freight CFS of Argentina
- Buenos Aires, Argentina
- Puerto Madryn, Argentina
- Ushuaia, Argentina
- Zarate, Argentina

Ocean freight CFS of Armenia
- Yerevan, Armenia

Ocean freight CFS of Australia
- Adelaide, Australia
- Bell Bay, Australia
- Brisbane, Australia
- Burnie, Australia
- Dampier, Australia
- Darwin, Australia
- Fremantle, Australia
- Gladstone, Australia
- Hobart, Australia
- Melbourne, Australia
- Perth, Australia
- Sydney, Australia
- Townsville, Australia

Ocean freight CFS of Austria
- Graz, Austria
- Klagenfurt, Austria
- Linz, Austria
- Salzburg, Austria
- Viehdorf, Austria
- Vienna, Austria
- Wels, Austria

Ocean freight CFS of Azerbaijan
- Baku, Azerbaijan

Ocean freight CFS of Bahamas     Back to the ocean freight CFSs list

- Freeport, Bahamas
- Nassau, Bahamas

Ocean freight CFS of Bahrain
- Bahrain, Bahrain

Ocean freight CFS of Bangladesh
- Chittagong, Bangladesh
- Dacca, Bangladesh
- Dhaka, Bangladesh
- Mongla, Bangladesh

Ocean freight CFS of Barbados
- Bridgetown, Barbados

Ocean freight CFS of Belarus
- Minsk, Belarus

Ocean freight CFS of Belgium
- Antwerp, Belgium
- Brussels, Belgium
- Ghent, Belgium
- Ostend, Belgium
- Zeebrugge, Belgium

Ocean freight CFS of Belize
- Belize City, Belize

Ocean freight CFS of Benin
- Cotonou, Benin

Ocean freight CFS of Bermuda
- Bermuda, Bermuda

Ocean freight CFS of Bhutan
- Phuntsholing, Bhutan

Ocean freight CFS of Bolivia
- Cochabamba, Bolivia
- La Paz, Bolivia
- Oruro, Bolivia
- Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Ocean freight CFS of Bosnia Herzegovina
- Banja Luka, Bosnia Herzegovina
- Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina

Ocean freight CFS of Botswana
- Gaborone, Botswana

Ocean freight CFS of Brazil
- Belem, Brazil
- Cabedelo, Brazil
- Fortaleza, Brazil
- Itacoatiara, Brazil
- Itajai, Brazil
- Manaus, Brazil
- Paranagua, Brazil
- Recife, Brazil
- Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
- Rio Grande, Brazil
- Salvador, Brazil
- Santarem, Brazil
- Santos, Brazil
- Sao Francisco Do Sul, Brazil
- Sao Paulo, Brazil
- Suape, Brazil
- Vitoria, Brazil

Ocean freight CFS of Brunei
- Brunei, Brunei
- Kuala Belait, Brunei
- Muara Port, Brunei

Ocean freight CFS of Bulgaria
- Plodiv, Bulgaria
- Smolyan, Bulgaria
- Smyadovo, Bulgaria
- Sofia, Bulgaria
- Varna, Bulgaria

Ocean freight CFS of Burkino Faso
- Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Ocean freight CFS of Burundi
- Bujumbura, Burundi

Ocean freight CFS of Cambodia      Back to the ocean freight CFSs list

- Phnom-Penh, Cambodia
- Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Ocean freight CFS of Cameroon
- Douala, Cameroon

Ocean freight CFS of Canada
- Argentia, Canada
- Calgary, Canada
- Corner Brook, Canada
- Edmonton, Canada
- Halifax, Canada
- Hamilton, Canada
- Montreal, Canada
- Ottowa, Canada
- Regina, Canada
- Toronto, Canada
- Vancouver, Canada
- Winnepeg, Canada

Ocean freight CFS of Cape Verde
- Cape Verdi, Cape Verde
- Porto Praia, Cape Verde
- Sao Vincente, Cape Verde

Ocean freight CFS of Cayman Isles
- Grand Cayman, Cayman Isles

Ocean freight CFS of Chile
- Antofagasta, Chile
- Arica, Chile
- Ascension Isle, Chile
- Chanaral, Chile
- Concepcion, Chile
- Iquique, Chile
- Lirquen, Chile
- Punta Arenas, Chile
- San Antonio, Chile
- Santiago, Chile
- Talcahuano, Chile
- Valparaiso, Chile

Ocean freight CFS of China
- Beijing, China
- Chiwan, China
- Dalian, China
- Foshan, China
- Fuqing, China
- Fushan, China
- Fuzhou, China
- Guangzhou, China
- Haikou, China
- Huangpu, China
- Jiangyin, China
- Macau, China
- Mawei, China
- Nanjing, China
- Nantong, China
- Ningbo, China
- Qingdao, China
- Qinhuangdao, China
- Shanghai, China
- Shantou, China
- Shekou, China
- Shenzen, China
- Shenzhen, China
- Shunde, China
- Tianjin, China
- Wuhan, China
- Xaimen, China
- Xinfeng, China
- Xingang, China
- Yangzhou, China
- Yantai, China
- Yantian, China
- Zhangjiagang, China
- Zhanjiang, China
- Zhenjiang, China
- Zhongshan, China
- Zhuhai, China

Ocean freight CFS of Colombia
- Barranquilla, Colombia
- Bogota, Colombia
- Buenaventura, Colombia
- Cartagena, Colombia
- Isla San Andres, Colombia
- Santa Marta, Colombia

Ocean freight CFS of Comoros
- Comoros Islands, Comoros
- Dzaoudzi, Comoros
- Moroni, Comoros
- Mutsamudu, Comoros

Ocean freight CFS of Congo
- Banana, Congo
- Boma, Congo
- Goma, Congo
- Lubumbashi, Congo
- Matadi, Congo
- Pointe Noire, Congo

Ocean freight CFS of Costa Rica
- Puerto Limon, Costa Rica
- San Jose, Costa Rica

Ocean freight CFS of Croatia
- Dubrovnik, Croatia
- Rijeka, Croatia
- Split, Croatia
- Zabok, Croatia
- Zagreb, Croatia

Ocean freight CFS of Cuba
- Havana, Cuba
- Moa, Cuba

Ocean freight CFS of Cuprus
- Famagusta, Cuprus
- Larnaca, Cuprus
- Limassol, Cuprus
- Nicosia, Cuprus

Ocean freight CFS of Czech Rep.
- Brno, Czech Rep.
- Prachatice, Czech Rep.
- Praded, Czech Rep.
- Pradlo, Czech Rep.
- Prague, Czech Rep.

Ocean freight CFS of Denmark     Back to the ocean freight CFSs list

- Aarhus, Denmark
- Copenhagen, Denmark
- Esbjerg, Denmark
- Horsens, Denmark
- Odense, Denmark
- Silkeborg, Denmark

Ocean freight CFS of Djibouti
- Djibouti, Djibouti

Ocean freight CFS of Dominica
- Dominica, Dominica

Ocean freight CFS of Dominican Rep.
- Puerto Plata, Dominican Rep.
- Rio Haina, Dominican Rep.
- Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep.

Ocean freight CFS of Ecuador    Back to the ocean freight CFSs list

- Esmeraldas, Ecuador
- Guayaquil, Ecuador
- Manta, Ecuador
- Quito, Ecuador

Ocean freight CFS of Egypt
- Alexandria, Egypt
- Cairo, Egypt
- Damietta, Egypt
- Port Said, Egypt

Ocean freight CFS of Eire
- Belgooly, Eire
- Cork, Eire
- Dublin, Eire
- Dugort, Eire
- Dun Laoghaire, Eire
- Galway, Eire
- Limerick, Eire
- Rosslare, Eire
- Shannon, Eire
- Waterford, Eire

Ocean freight CFS of El Salvador
- Acajutla, El Salvador
- San Salvador, El Salvador

Ocean freight CFS of Equatorial Guinea
- Bata, Equatorial Guinea
- Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

Ocean freight CFS of Eritrea
- Assab, Eritrea
- Massawa, Eritrea

Ocean freight CFS of Estonia
- Tallin, Estonia

Ocean freight CFS of Ethiopia
- Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Ocean freight CFS of Falkland Isles   Back to the ocean freight CFSs list

- East Cove, Falkland Isles
- Port Stanley, Falkland Isles

Ocean freight CFS of Faroe Isles
- Faroe Isles, Faroe Isles

Ocean freight CFS of Fiji
- Lautoka, Fiji
- Suva, Fiji

Ocean freight CFS of Finland
- Hamina, Finland
- Hanko, Finland
- Helsinki, Finland
- Kemi, Finland
- Kotka, Finland
- Oulu, Finland
- Rauma, Finland
- Tampere, Finland
- Torino, Finland
- Turku, Finland

Ocean freight CFS of France
- Ajaccio, France
- Angers, France
- Avignon, France
- Bastia, France
- Bordeaux, France
- Brest, France
- Caen, France
- Calais, France
- Cannes, France
- Cherbourg, France
- Colmar, France
- Dieppe, France
- Dijon, France
- Dunkirk, France
- Fos-sur-mer, France
- Grasse, France
- Grenoble, France
- La Rochelle, France
- Le Mans, France
- Le Verdon, France
- Lille, France
- Limoges, France
- Lorient, France
- Lyon, France
- Marseilles, France
- Mayotte, France
- Mazamet, France
- Montoir, France
- Montpellier, France
- Nancy, France
- Nantes, France
- Nice, France
- Orleans, France
- Paris, France
- Port De Bouc, France
- Reims, France
- Roscoff, France
- Rouen, France
- Sete, France
- St. Malo, France
- St. Nazaire, France
- Strasbourg, France
- Toulon, France
- Toulouse, France
- Tours, France

Ocean freight CFS of French Guiana Back to the ocean freight CFSs list
- Degrad Des Cannes, French Guiana

Ocean freight CFS of Gabon

- Libreville, Gabon
- Port Gentil, Gabon

Ocean freight CFS of Gambia
- Banjul, Gambia

Ocean freight CFS of Georgia
- Batumi, Georgia
- Poti, Georgia
- Savannah, Georgia
- Tbilisi, Georgia

Ocean freight CFS of Germany
- Berlin, Germany
- Bielefeld, Germany
- Braunschweig, Germany
- Bremen, Germany
- Bremerhaven, Germany
- Cologne, Germany
- Cuxhaven, Germany
- Dortmund, Germany
- Dresden, Germany
- Duisburg, Germany
- Dusseldorf, Germany
- Essen, Germany
- Frankfurt, Germany
- Hamburg, Germany
- Hambuhren, Germany
- Hamburg, Germany
- Hannover, Germany
- Ingolstadt, Germany
- Kassel, Germany
- Kiel, Germany
- Koblenz, Germany
- Krefeld, Germany
- Leipzig, Germany
- Lubeck, Germany
- Mannheim, Germany
- Monchengladbach, Germany
- Munich, Germany
- Neckarsulm, Germany
- Nurnberg, Germany
- Osnabruck, Germany
- Rostock, Germany
- Salzgitter, Germany
- Stuttgart, Germany
- Wilhelmshaven, Germany
- Wolfsburg, Germany
- Wuppertal, Germany

Ocean freight CFS of Ghana
- Accra, Ghana
- Takoradi, Ghana
- Tema, Ghana

Ocean freight CFS of Gibraltar
- Gibraltar, Gibraltar

Ocean freight CFS of Greece
- Atalante, Greece
- Athanati, Greece
- Athens, Greece
- Corfu, Greece
- Iraklion, Greece
- Patras, Greece
- Piraeus, Greece
- Rhodes, Greece
- Sofia does, Greece
- Thessaloniki, Greece
- Volos, Greece

Ocean freight CFS of Greenland
- Greenland, Greenland

Ocean freight CFS of Grenada
- Grenada, Grenada

Ocean freight CFS of Guadeloupe
- Pointe A Pitre, Guadeloupe
- St. Bartholomew, Guadeloupe

Ocean freight CFS of Guam
- Guam, Guam

Ocean freight CFS of Guatemala
- Guatemala, Guatemala
- Santo Tomas De Castilla, Guatemala

Ocean freight CFS of Guinea
- Conakry, Guinea

Ocean freight CFS of Guinea-Bissau
- Bissau, Guinea-Bissau

Ocean freight CFS of Guyana
- Georgetown, Guyana

Ocean freight CFS of Haiti   Back to the ocean freight CFSs list

- Cap-Haitien, Haiti
- Port Au Prince, Haiti

Ocean freight CFS of Honduras
- La Ceiba, Honduras
- Puerto Cortes, Honduras
- San Pedro Sula, Honduras
- Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Ocean freight CFS of Hong Kong
- Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Ocean freight CFS of Hungary
- Budafok, Hungary
- Budaors, Hungary
- Budapest, Hungary

Ocean freight CFS of Iceland   Back to the ocean freight CFSs list

- Reykjavik, Iceland

Ocean freight CFS of India
- Ahmadabad, India
- Bangalore, India
- Calcutta, India
- Chennai (madras), India
- Delhi, India
- Indore, India
- Jodhpur, India
- Kandla, India
- Kochi, India
- Ludhiana, India
- Mumbai (bombay), India
- New Delhi, India
- Tuticorin, India
- Visakhapatnam, India

Ocean freight CFS of Indonesia
- Balikpapan, Indonesia
- Banjarmasin, Indonesia
- Batam Island, Indonesia
- Belawan, Indonesia
- Dili, Indonesia
- Medan, Indonesia
- Palembang, Indonesia
- Panjang, Indonesia
- Pontianak, Indonesia
- Samarinda, Indonesia
- Semarang, Indonesia
- Surabaya, Indonesia
- Ujung Pandang, Indonesia

Ocean freight CFS of Iran
- Bandar Abbas, Iran
- Bandar Anzali, Iran
- Bandar Khomeini, Iran
- Isfahan, Iran
- Tabriz, Iran
- Teheran, Iran
- Tekmeh Dash, Iran

Ocean freight CFS of Iraq
- Arbil, Iraq
- Baghdad, Iraq
- Dihok, Iraq
- Sulaymaniyah, Iraq
- Umm Qasr, Iraq

Ocean freight CFS of Israel
- Ashdod, Israel
- Haifa, Israel
- Jerusalem, Israel
- Tel-Aviv, Israel

Ocean freight CFS of Italy
- Ancona, Italy
- Bari, Italy
- Bergamo, Italy
- Bologna, Italy
- Bolzano, Italy
- Brescia, Italy
- Cagliari, Italy
- Catania, Italy
- Civitanova, Italy
- Como, Italy
- Firenze, Italy
- Florence, Italy
- Genga, Italy
- Genoa, Italy
- Gioia Tauro, Italy
- La Spezia, Italy
- Leghorn, Italy
- Lucca, Italy
- Miasino, Italy
- Mignano, Italy
- Milan, Italy
- Mileto, Italy
- Modena, Italy
- Naples, Italy
- Padova, Italy
- Palermo, Italy
- Pordenone, Italy
- Prato, Italy
- Ravenna, Italy
- Rome, Italy
- Salerno, Italy
- Taranto, Italy
- Torino, Italy
- Trento, Italy
- Treviso, Italy
- Trieste, Italy
- Turin, Italy
- Udine, Italy
- Venice, Italy
- Verona, Italy
- Vincenza, Italy

Ocean freight CFS of Ivory Coast
- Abidjan, Ivory Coast
- San Pedro, Ivory Coast

Ocean freight CFS of Jamaica   Back to the ocean freight CFSs list

- Kingston, Jamaica
- Montego Bay, Jamaica

Ocean freight CFS of Japan
- Chiba, Japan
- Hakata, Japan
- Kawasaki, Japan
- Kobe, Japan
- Moji, Japan
- Nagoya, Japan
- Osaka, Japan
- Shimizu, Japan
- Tokyo, Japan
- Tomakomai, Japan
- Toyohashi, Japan
- Yokohama, Japan

Ocean freight CFS of Jordan
- Amman, Jordan
- Aqaba, Jordan

Ocean freight CFS of Kazakhstan    Back to the ocean freight CFSs list

- Akmola, Kazakhstan
- Akshiy, Kazakhstan
- Aktau, Kazakhstan
- Aktyubinsk, Kazakhstan
- Almaty, Kazakhstan
- Astana, Kazakhstan
- Atyrau, Kazakhstan
- Kulsary, Kazakhstan
- Tengiz, Kazakhstan
- Uralsk, Kazakhstan
- Ust-kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan

Ocean freight CFS of Kenya
- Kisumu, Kenya
- Mombasa, Kenya
- Nairobi, Kenya
- Port Victoria, Kenya

Ocean freight CFS of Kiribati
- Tarawa Island, Kiribati

Ocean freight CFS of Kuwait
- Kuwait, Kuwait

Ocean freight CFS of Laos    Back to the ocean freight CFSs list

- Thanaleng, Laos
- Vientiane, Laos

Ocean freight CFS of Latvia
- Riga, Latvia
- Ventspils, Latvia

Ocean freight CFS of Lebanon
- Beirut, Lebanon

Ocean freight CFS of Liberia
- Monrovia, Liberia

Ocean freight CFS of Libya
- Benghazi, Libya
- Marsa El Braga, Libya
- Misurata, Libya
- Ras Lanuf, Libya
- Tripoli, Libya

Ocean freight CFS of Lithuania
- Kaunas, Lithuania
- Klaipeda, Lithuania
- Vilnius, Lithuania

Ocean freight CFS of Luxembourg
- Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Ocean freight CFS of Macedonia

- Kumanovo, Macedonia    Back to the ocean freight CFSs list
- Skopje, Macedonia
- Smokvica, Macedonia

Ocean freight CFS of Madagascar
- Antisiranana, Madagascar
- Madagascar, Madagascar
- Mahajanga, Madagascar
- Nosy Be, Madagascar
- Toamasina, Madagascar

Ocean freight CFS of Malawi
- Blantyre, Malawi
- Lilongwe, Malawi

Ocean freight CFS of Malaysia
- Bintulu, Malaysia
- Ipoh, Malaysia
- Johor Baharu, Malaysia
- Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
- Kuantan, Malaysia
- Kuching, Malaysia
- Labuan, Malaysia
- Lahad Datu, Malaysia
- Miri, Malaysia
- Pasir Gudang, Malaysia
- Penang, Malaysia
- Port Klang, Malaysia
- Sandakan, Malaysia
- Sibu, Malaysia
- Tawau, Malaysia

Ocean freight CFS of Maldives
- Male, Maldives

Ocean freight CFS of Mali
- Bamako, Mali

Ocean freight CFS of Malta
- Marsaxlokk, Malta
- Valletta, Malta

Ocean freight CFS of Martinique
- Fort De France, Martinique

Ocean freight CFS of Mauritania
- Nouadhibou, Mauritania
- Nouakchott, Mauritania

Ocean freight CFS of Mauritius
- Port Louis, Mauritius

Ocean freight CFS of Mexico
- Acapulco, Mexico
- Altamira, Mexico
- Cancun, Mexico
- Guadalajara, Mexico
- Manzanillo, Mexico
- Mexico City, Mexico
- Monterrey, Mexico
- Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
- Puerto De Morelos, Mexico
- Tampico, Mexico
- Toluca, Mexico
- Tuxpan, Mexico
- Veracruz, Mexico

Ocean freight CFS of Micronesia
- Kosrae Island, Micronesia

Ocean freight CFS of Moldova
- Kishinev, Moldova

Ocean freight CFS of Monaco
- Monte Carlo, Monaco

Ocean freight CFS of Mongolia
- Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Ocean freight CFS of Montserrat
- Montserrat, Montserrat

Ocean freight CFS of Morocco
- Agadir, Morocco
- Casablanca, Morocco
- Nador, Morocco
- Rabat, Morocco
- Tangier, Morocco

Ocean freight CFS of Mozambique
- Beira, Mozambique
- Maputo, Mozambique
- Nacala, Mozambique
- Pemba, Mozambique
- Quelimane, Mozambique

Ocean freight CFS of Myanmar
- Yangon, Myanmar

Ocean freight CFS of Namibia    Back to the ocean freight CFSs list

- Walvis Bay, Namibia

Ocean freight CFS of Nepal
- Katmandu, Nepal

Ocean freight CFS of Netherlands
- Amsterdam, Netherlands
- Arnhem, Netherlands
- Eindhoven, Netherlands
- Europoort, Netherland

- Hook Of Holland, Netherlands
- Moerdijk, Netherlands
- Oranjestad, Netherlands
- Philipsburg, Netherlands
- Rotterdam, Netherlands
- Scheveningen, Netherlands
- St. Eustatius, Netherlands
- St. Martin, Netherlands
- Tilburg, Netherlands
- Vlissingen, Netherlands
- Willemstad, Netherlands
- Ymuiden, Netherlands

Ocean freight CFS of New Caledonia
- Noumea, New Caledonia

Ocean freight CFS of New Zealand
- Auckland, New Zealand
- Christchurch, New Zealand
- Dunedin, New Zealand
- Lyttleton, New Zealand
- Napier, New Zealand
- Port Chalmers, New Zealand
- Rarotonga Island, New Zealand
- Tauranga, New Zealand
- Wellington, New Zealand

Ocean freight CFS of Nicaragua
- Corinto, Nicaragua
- Managua, Nicaragua

Ocean freight CFS of Niger
- Niamey, Niger

Ocean freight CFS of Nigeria
- Apapa, Nigeria
- Lagos, Nigeria
- Onne, Nigeria
- Port Harcourt, Nigeria
- Tin Can Island, Nigeria
- Warri, Nigeria

Ocean freight CFS of North Korea
- Nampo, North Korea

Ocean freight CFS of Northern Marianas
- Saipan, Northern Marianas

Ocean freight CFS of Norway
- Aalesund, Norway
- Bergen, Norway
- Bodo, Norway
- Drammen, Norway
- Finnsnes, Norway
- Floro, Norway
- Fredrikstad, Norway
- Harstad, Norway
- Haugesund, Norway
- Heroya, Norway
- Kirkenes, Norway
- Kopervik, Norway
- Kristiansand, Norway
- Kristiansand, Norway
- Kristiansund, Norway
- Larvik, Norway
- Molde, Norway
- Moss, Norway
- Oslo, Norway
- Sandnes, Norway
- Skien, Norway
- Stavanger, Norway
- Tromso, Norway
- Trondheim, Norway

Ocean freight CFS of Oman   Back to the ocean freight CFSs list

- Muscat, Oman
- Port Sultan Qaboos, Oman

Ocean freight CFS of Padang   Back to the ocean freight CFSs list

- Indonesia, Padang

Ocean freight CFS of Pakistan
- Faisalabad, Pakistan
- Islamabad, Pakistan
- Karachi, Pakistan
- Lahore, Pakistan
- Port Muhammed Bin Qasim, Pakistan
- Rawalpindi, Pakistan
- Sialkot, Pakistan

Ocean freight CFS of Panama
- Balboa, Panama
- Chiriqui Grande, Panama
- Colon, Panama
- Cristobal, Panama
- Panama City, Panama

Ocean freight CFS of Papua New Guinea
- Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea
- Lae, Papua New Guinea
- Madang, Papua New Guinea
- Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
- Rabaul, Papua New Guinea
- Wewak, Papua New Guinea

Ocean freight CFS of Paraguay
- Asuncion, Paraguay

Ocean freight CFS of Peru
- Callao, Peru
- Ilo, Peru
- Iquitos, Peru
- Lima, Peru
- Paita, Peru

Ocean freight CFS of Philippines
- Cebu, Philippines
- Manila, Philippines
- Manzanillo, Philippines

Ocean freight CFS of Poland
- Bydgoszcz, Poland
- Gdansk, Poland
- Gdynia, Poland
- Katowice, Poland
- Krakow, Poland
- Lodz, Poland
- Poznan, Poland
- Szczecin, Poland
- Torun, Poland
- Warka, Poland
- Warsaw, Poland
- Warsaw, Poland
- Warta, Poland
- Wroclaw, Poland

Ocean freight CFS of Portugal
- Azores, Portugal
- Faro, Portugal
- Funchal, Portugal
- Leixoes, Portugal
- Lisbon, Portugal
- Madiera, Portugal
- Oporto, Portugal
- Ponta Delgada, Portugal
- Setubal, Portugal

Ocean freight CFS of Puerto Rico
- Ponce, Puerto Rico
- San Juan, Puerto Rico

Ocean freight CFS of Qatar   Back to the ocean freight CFSs list

- Doha, Qatar
- Mesaieed, Qatar

Ocean freight CFS of Reunion   Back to the ocean freight CFSs list

- Pointe Des Galets, Reunion
- Reunion Island, Reunion

Ocean freight CFS of Romania
- Bucea, Romania
- Bucharest, Romania
- Budesti, Romania
- Constantza, Romania

Ocean freight CFS of Russia
- Abakan, Russia
- Angarsk, Russia
- Arkhangelsk, Russia
- Astrakhan, Russia
- Bishkek, Russia
- Irkutsk, Russia
- Kaliningrad, Russia
- Khabarovsk, Russia
- Korsakov, Russia
- Krasnodar, Russia
- Krasnoyarsk, Russia
- Kushka, Russia
- Magadan, Russia
- Moscow, Russia
- Murmansk, Russia
- Nakhodka, Russia
- Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia
- Novorossiysk, Russia
- Novosibirsk, Russia
- Perm, Russia
- Sakhalin, Russia
- Samara, Russia
- St. Petersburg, Russia
- Vanino, Russia
- Vladivostok, Russia
- Vostochnyy, Russia
- Vyborg, Russia
- Yekaterinburg, Russia
- Yuzhno-sakhalinsk, Russia

Ocean freight CFS of Rwanda
- Kigali, Rwanda

Ocean freight CFS of Samoa   Back to the ocean freight CFSs list

- Apia, Samoa

Ocean freight CFS of Sao Tome & Principe
- Sao Tome, Sao Tome & Principe

Ocean freight CFS of Saudi Arabia
- Damman, Saudi Arabia
- Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
- Jubail, Saudi Arabia
- Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
- Yenbo, Saudi Arabia

Ocean freight CFS of Senegal
- Dakar, Senegal

Ocean freight CFS of Seychelles
- Mahe, Seychelles
- Seychelles, Seychelles

Ocean freight CFS of Sierra Leone
- Freetown, Sierra Leone

Ocean freight CFS of Singapore
- Singapore, Singapore

Ocean freight CFS of Slovakia
- Bratislava, Slovakia
- Brezno, Slovakia
- Jesenice, Slovakia

Ocean freight CFS of Slovenia
- Ljubljana, Slovenia
- Ljutomer, Slovenia
- Maribor, Slovenia

Ocean freight CFS of Solomon Isles
- Honiara, Solomon Isles

Ocean freight CFS of South Africa
- Cape Town, South Africa
- Durban, South Africa
- East London, South Africa
- Francistown, South Africa
- Johannesburg, South Africa
- Port Elizabeth, South Africa
- Pretoria, South Africa
- Richards Bay, South Africa

Ocean freight CFS of South Korea
- Busan, South Korea
- Inchon, South Korea
- Kwangyang, South Korea
- Masan, South Korea
- Seoul, South Korea

Ocean freight CFS of Spain
- Algeciras, Spain
- Alicante, Spain
- Arrecife, Spain
- Barcelona, Spain
- Bilbao, Spain
- Cadiz, Spain
- Cartagena, Spain
- Ceuta, Spain
- Fuerteventura, Spain
- Gijon, Spain
- Granada, Spain
- Ibiza, Spain
- Irun, Spain
- Lanzarote, Spain
- Las Palmas, Spain
- Madrid, Spain
- Malaga, Spain
- Marbella, Spain
- Melilla, Spain
- Minorca, Spain
- Palma De Mallorca, Spain
- Pasajes, Spain
- Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain
- Santander, Spain
- Seville, Spain
- Tarragona, Spain
- Tenerife, Spain
- Valencia, Spain
- Vigo, Spain
- Zaragoza, Spain

Ocean freight CFS of Sri Lanka
- Colombo, Sri Lanka

Ocean freight CFS of St. Kitts-Nevis
- Nevis, St. Kitts-Nevis
- St.kitts, St. Kitts-Nevis

Ocean freight CFS of St. Lucia
- St. Lucia, St. Lucia

Ocean freight CFS of St. Vincent & Grenadines
- St. Vincent, St. Vincent & Grenadines

Ocean freight CFS of Sudan
- Khartoum, Sudan
- Port Sudan, Sudan

Ocean freight CFS of Suriname
- Paramaribo, Suriname

Ocean freight CFS of Swaziland
- Manzini, Swaziland
- Matsapha, Swaziland
- Mbabane, Swaziland

Ocean freight CFS of Sweden
- Ahus, Sweden
- Gothenburg, Sweden
- Halmstad, Sweden
- Helinsborg, Sweden
- Malmo, Sweden
- Norrkopping, Sweden
- Oskarshamn, Sweden
- Stockholm, Sweden
- Vasteras, Sweden
- Vesteras, Sweden
- Wallhamn, Sweden

Ocean freight CFS of Switzerland
- Basle, Switzerland
- Berne, Switzerland
- Geneva, Switzerland
- Zurich, Switzerland

Ocean freight CFS of Syria
- Damascus, Syria
- Lattakia, Syria
- Tartous, Syria

Ocean freight CFS of Tahiti   Back to the ocean freight CFSs list

- Papeete, Tahiti

Ocean freight CFS of Taiwan
- Kaohsiung, Taiwan
- Keelung, Taiwan
- Taichung, Taiwan

Ocean freight CFS of Tajikistan
- Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Ocean freight CFS of Tanzania
- Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
- Tanga, Tanzania
- Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

Ocean freight CFS of Thailand
- Bangkok, Thailand
- Laem Chabang, Thailand
- Map Ta Phut, Thailand

Ocean freight CFS of Togo
- Lome, Togo

Ocean freight CFS of Tonga
- Nuku'alofa, Tonga
- Tonga Isles, Tonga

Ocean freight CFS of Trinidad & Tabago
- Point Lisas, Trinidad & Tabago
- Port Of Spain, Trinidad & Tabago

Ocean freight CFS of Tunisia
- Gabes, Tunisia
- Sfax, Tunisia
- Sousse, Tunisia
- Tunis, Tunisia

Ocean freight CFS of Turkey
- Adana, Turkey
- Ankara, Turkey
- Bursa, Turkey
- Derince, Turkey
- Gemlik, Turkey
- Iskenderun, Turkey
- Isparta, Turkey
- Ispendere, Turkey
- Ispir, Turkey
- Istanbul, Turkey
- Izmir, Turkey
- Kumport, Turkey
- Mersin, Turkey
- Trabzon, Turkey

Ocean freight CFS of Turkmenistan
- Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan

Ocean freight CFS of Turkmeniya
- Ashkhabad, Turkmeniya

Ocean freight CFS of Turks & Caicos
- Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos
- Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

Ocean freight CFS of U.A.E.   Back to the ocean freight CFSs list

- Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
- Dubai, U.A.E.
- Fujairah, U.A.E.
- Jebel Ali, U.A.E.
- Khor Fakkan, U.A.E.
- Sharjah, U.A.E.

Ocean freight CFS of UK
- Aberdeen, UK
- Alderny, UK
- Ardrossan, UK
- Armadale, UK
- Belfast, UK

Ocean freight CFS of USA
- Anchorage, USA
- Athens, USA
- Atlanta, USA
- Baltimore, USA
- Boston, USA
- Brownsville, USA
- Buffalo, USA
- Charleston, USA
- Charlotte, USA
- Chester, USA
- Chicago, USA
- Cincinnati, USA
- Cleveland, USA
- Columbus, USA
- Dallas, USA
- Denver, USA
- Detroit, USA
- Florida, USA
- Florida, USA
- Galveston, USA
- Hartford, USA
- Honolulu, USA
- Houma, USA
- Houston, USA
- Indianapolis, USA
- Kansas City, USA
- Long Beach, USA
- Los Alamos, USA
- Los Angeles, USA
- Memphis, USA
- Milwaukee, USA
- Minneapolis, USA
- Mobile, USA
- Nashville, USA
- New Haven, USA
- New Iberia, USA
- New Orleans, USA
- New Windsor, USA
- New York, USA
- Newport News, USA
- Norfolk, USA
- Norlina, USA
- Oakland, USA
- Philadelphia, USA
- Phoenix, USA
- Pittsburg, USA
- Port Everglades, USA
- Port Oregon, USA
- Portsmouth, USA
- Richmond, USA
- Salt Lake City, USA
- San Diego, USA
- San Francisco, USA
- Seattle, USA
- St. Louis, USA
- Tacoma, USA
- Tampa, USA
- Toledo, USA
- Washington, USA
- Wilmington, USA

Ocean freight CFS of Uganda
- Entebbe, Uganda
- Jinja, Uganda
- Kampala, Uganda
- Kamuli, Uganda
- Kitwe, Uganda

Ocean freight CFS of Ukraine
- Buchach, Ukraine
- Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
- Donetsk, Ukraine
- Ilichevsk, Ukraine
- Kitsman, Ukraine
- Kiyevn, Ukraine
- Lvov, Ukraine
- Mariupol, Ukraine
- Odessa, Ukraine
- Poltava, Ukraine

Ocean freight CFS of Uruguay
- Montevideo, Uruguay

Ocean freight CFS of Uzbekistan
- Margilan, Uzbekistan
- Namangan, Uzbekistan
- Samarkand, Uzbekistan
- Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Ocean freight CFS of Vanuatu    Back to the ocean freight CFSs list

- Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu
- Port Vila, Vanuatu

Ocean freight CFS of Venezuela
- Caracas, Venezuela
- El Guamache, Venezuela
- Guanta, Venezuela
- Guaraguao, Venezuela
- La Guaira, Venezuela
- Maracaibo, Venezuela
- Matanzas, Venezuela
- Puerto Cabello, Venezuela
- Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela

Ocean freight CFS of Vietnam
- Haiphong, Vietnam
- Hanoi, Vietnam
- Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ocean freight CFS of Virgin Isles
- St. Croix, Virgin Isles
- St. Thomas, Virgin Isles
- St.john, Virgin Isles
- Tortola, Virgin Isles
- Virgin Gorda, Virgin Isles

Ocean freight CFS of Yemeni Rep. Back to the ocean freight CFSs list

- Aden, Yemeni Rep.
- Hodeidah, Yemeni Rep.
- Mokha, Yemeni Rep.
- Mukalla, Yemeni Rep.

Ocean freight CFS of Yugoslavia
- Belgrade, Yugoslavia
- Nis, Yugoslavia
- Pristina, Yugoslavia
- Prizren, Yugoslavia

Ocean freight CFS of Zambia  Back to the ocean freight CFSs list

- Kitwe-Akana, Zambia
- Lusaka, Zambia
- Ndola, Zambia

Ocean freight CFS of Zimbabwe
- Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
- Harare, Zimbabwe


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