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Transportation In Bond. Immediate Transportation Entries in international shipping

In international shipping, IT- - Immediate Transportation allows shipping goods internationally from the port of entry to another port (recipient's warehouse) without actually filing entry and paying duty and taxes or examination.

Unless exempted, merchandise transported in bonds must be sealed under customs supervision with the high security red in the bond customs seal in international shipping. If incapable of being sealed, sealing may be waived under certain circumstances (part 18.4).

CF 7512 shall be given IMMEDIATELY to the lading inspector on the customs in a bond document covering the international shipping merchandise. The carrier or shipper must prepare it and be signed by the carrier, and the quantity delivered for transportation must be indicated in the bond.

When international shipping cargo reaches its final destination, carriers have ONLY 2 (TWO) WORKING DAYS TO PRESENT TO U.S. CUSTOMS (the Port Director) THE IN BOND MANIFEST AND RELATED CF 7512 TO FILE ENTRY 7501. (If a private carrier moves the merchandise in bond, a commercial invoice must also be presented to the Port Director.)

Internationally shipping merchandise transported in a bond can be diverted (see Part 18.5). Inventory CAN BE SPLIT ONLY BY THE COMPLETION OF THE ORIGINAL TRANSACTION. A new IT for the portion forwarded is then required. A TIR Carnet cannot be split.

Different ITs (CF 5512) use:


IMPORTANT!: The FIRST international shipping carrier is liable for the international shipment. For example, if carriers change during bonded transportation, then the first carrier is still responsible for the entire shipment. IF YOU HAVE MULTIPLE CARRIERS, THEN THE BEST TO DO MULTIPLE THEM. In this case, an international carrier's liability for international shipping changes from one carrier to another.

ANYONE can file IT WITH INTEREST. No power of attorney is required. I.e., it can be filed by a carrier, trucker, FF, Customs Broker, etc. BUT IT MUST BE KEPT IN BOND.

Since IT is filed, the first carrier has 5 (FIVE) working days to move goods. After those 5 days, IT automatically canceled.

You can move goods as often as possible (each place must be filed in a separate IT). However, goods MUST REACH THE FINAL DESTINATION WITHIN:

Explosive and prohibited goods in international shipping are not allowed for IT unless approved by an appropriate agency.

Baggage In Bond in international shipping (not too often in real life): Used when a salesperson carries a high-value suitcase. The baggage moves separately from the passenger. All items are sealed and marked by red tags, indicating they are under customs. Do not open.

Penalties in international shipping imposed as liquidated damages under the carrier's bond for shortage, failure to deliver, or irregular delivery:

  1. In case of shortage, in international shipping, failure to deliver or delivery directly to the consignee or other person of any merchandise FREE OF DUTY, a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $100, in any one shipment, must be determined by the Port Director.
  2. In case of shortage or failure to deliver merchandise SUBJECT TO DUTY of duty, an amount equal to the duty of missing inventory. If duty cannot be estimated, the penalty is 70% of the value shown on the manifest.
  3. In case of unauthorized delivery of merchandise subject to a duty to the wrong person, an amount equal to one and one-quarter (1.25) times the estimated duties will be imposed. If duty cannot be estimated, the penalty is 70% of the value shown on the manifest.

In addition to the penalties listed above, in international shipping, the carrier must pay Internal Revenue taxes and other costs incurred on international shipments.

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