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Client Testimonials

"We were very satisfied with the process and handling of our shipment to
We would always reconsider AMID and
We have made a really positive experience.
We would always recommend AMID to friends and others.
The box arrived in the meantime in Switzerland and all items were in the
sent condition. Box was not destroyed or manipulated on!
Thank you for the helpful cooperation!
Sincerely greetings

- Roger P., Switzerland"
"Things were very well organized with my shipping. Most importantly, I
was able find all information I needed on your website and I was able to
follow instructions given on the web site as well as in emails. No
hidden costs. Thank you.

I wish you good luck!

- Maxim K., Switzerland"
you guys have always been on top of things, very quick and superfast on email replies, hoon phone answering and message replies. I personally did not dealt with company. that was doing things this fast in a long time. I work with few more companies that generate a lot more profit from one shipment and non of them are this fast and caring as you are. That is a good formula for doing business long term and i'm trying to go the same thing - being fast, accurate and on top of things, makes my clients come back for more. You can count on me as your customer as long as you continue to provide same quality service to us as you did before...Keep it up and thank you again

- Sasa C., USA, FL"
"Excellent, smooth and easy transaction. Thank you.

- Vitaly Y., CA, USA"
"Hello dear team at AMID LOGISTICS.
The freight shipment has been received by customer. All items received on undamaged condition.
Thank you very much for the service you have been providing and value of your business is truly appreciated.

- Ruben S., Israel"
"So far the service that we have been receiving from you has been great! You've been quick to answer any questions and handle any issues that might arise. I appreciate the service that you provide!

- Joseph G., USA, CA"
"Everything went smoothly, drop off was very easy, & being able to call & talk to someone about details was very helpful.

- Norman M., Costa Rica"
"Thank you for excellent service

- Evgueni Z., South Africa"
"Overall, the service is great, meeting my expectations fully. My queries were answered without delay. Very professional!
Pickup from home charges is way too expensive though. Nearly didn't want to take up the service because of this.
Suggestion: Have a partnership with freight forwarders in countries you shipped goods to. This will allow door-to-door service without the recipients having to find their own local freight forwarders. Documents from your end can be passed on to the local freight forwarders to receive the shipment on behalf of the recipients. This will bring your service up a notch.

- Anthony C., Singapore"
"This is first time I shipped international and it is very clear and fast response when I call or email. I hop to ship with you asap.

- MAZEN A., Saudi Arabia"
"I am extremely happy with the services of AMID. on a scale of 1-5, i would rate it as 5, the highest.

- Chris B., USA, GA"
"I am very much satisfied with the services as of now . the communication process is excellent. but in website tool estimator for sizes may required clear assumptions which is not mentioned in website.

- L. MADDU, India"
"I just received the shipment. Thanks so much for your services, it was an all-positive experience. Your pricing is fair, and your costumer support is great. I'm definitely use your services in the future.

- Peleg L., USA, CA"
"I was very pleased with your service. Liked the ability to just fill out the forms online and be able to print what I needed right at home. The facility that received the freight was very handy to my brothers residence so dropping of the freight was quite easy. When I had questions you were able to answer them for me. Definitely would use your service again. Thank you.

- William L., Panama"
"our goods arrived safely at the destination. Thank you. We are pleased.
However, it happend that there were some GRI during our shipping time frame. Therefore, our invoice was higher than estimated in your online calculator. No one told us about the GRI it just happend and we had to pay. That was annoying.
Therefore my suggestion is: If you know that GRI will take place just inform your customer as soon as you know in a sepereate Email. It is annoying to learn about it in the final bill not knowing what it means and how often it can happen.

- Sabine H., USA, CA"
"Thanks for your great fast service .
hope we can do more business in the near future.

- Nader A., Egypt"
"Your service was great, you were recommended to me by family and I'd definitively recommend your services to my friends and colleagues in the future.

- Kamran Z., New Zealand "
"I enjoyed working with the company and was impressed by the speed and effectiveness of communication for the most part. One exception was when I had to email twice to hear back a response about the confirmation of shipment. I was also satisfied with the price as it was much more affordable then other international shipping options out there. I plan to use the company's shipping service again in the future. More positive feedback will be saved until all the cargo is successfully delivered with no harm or issues in the next few weeks

- Eunhae L., South Korea"
"Everything went according to how you said it would! Very patient with all my questions.

- Steven W., USA, Ohio"
"Overall, I think your company did a great job. I cannot say 100% yet because I have not seen my boxes, and my only complaint is that there were mid-shipment charges. If there's any possible way to give all costs upfront, you should invest in that method. Perhaps it's not plausible, as I don't fully understand how ocean freight carrier systems work, but it should be investigated.

- Matthew K., Thailand"
"Your service was generally satisfactory and cost-effective. However, I encountered major confusion at the shipping terminal when the docking receipt contained only your reference number, but not the carrier's booking number. The terminal refused to take my boxes at first, and I had to call three places before I realized that the mistake was on your side. This incident cost me an extra hour at the terminal; I hope that you can avoid such mistakes in the future.

- S. Li, China"
"Over my expectation,very courtesy and knowlegable people,momentarily take care of business,clear and in timely metther reaction.I will recomand this company for all my friends.Thank you again.

- Mladen P., Bosnia and Herzegovina"
"This shipment was the second time I've used the service and both times have been easy and my shipment arrived exactly as packed on the other side of the world. I plan to always use this service provider when I need to ship overseas.
Thanks again, glad to work with you.

- Rheanna G., Australia"
"I found using the service very easy and convenient. You had plenty of information online and I was never at a loss of what the next steps are. Dropping off the stuff at the port was easy as well. The only suggestion I have is to try to provide some estimate of costs on the receiving end. I know it's not always up to you, you may not even know, but I ended up paying more to the people in the receiving location than I paid to you for shipping it half across the world. Would be good to have an idea beforehand.

- Miron I., Czech Republic"
"This was my first shipping with amid logistic company and it was really good. My stuff were delivered before their estimate date and all my stuff in a good condition. Now I am planning to ship with them again.

- Abdulaziz M., Qatar"
"The shipping process was perfect. I will certainly use your company in the future.

- Greg S., USA, GA"
"I'm really glad to do business with your company because costumer care was terrific. The service was done as explained, timetable was accurate and everything arrived home in perfect condition. It could be really great if you had Customs Agent to work directly with on the destination country. This could also help on the final price of the service.
Thanks a lot,

- Jose L., Spain"
"Your staff (particularly Olga) was very helpful getting me through the
process and I appreciated the detailed information on your web site.

- Sue O., USA, CA"
"Thank you and everyone there for all of you WONDERFUL help !!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you enjoy the chocolates… Because should be delivered Monday, to your address


- Sean E., UK"
"Sincerely I enjoyed the quality service you have rendered to me up till now, I hope you keep it up, I especially cherish the promptness with which you reply my mails and clarifies issues. thanks for the service.

"We had great service and appreciate all you did to help us.

- JP B., USA, CA"
"I am really satisfied with your service. Glad you were a great help. Again,thank you very much.

- Suleman A., USA, Tennessee"
"Great service with the best value. Worth to use for shipments over 1.0 cubic meters. If we can send small packages like 0.5 cubic meters, with low price, that will be great.
The way of handling the documents is very clear and perfect.
Thank for the good business.

- Asanga A., USA, Georgia"
"Thanks are very friendly. excellent all and would have something to improve the coordination of information on payments and outstanding payments.

- Armando M., Mexico"
"I am very satisfied with your service and hope to deal with you again

- Saman P., Sri Lanka"
"The staff was very helpful when I was delivering the shipping boxes. They wrapped them all with clear wrap. In addition, the website is so useful that I can get a quote without the need of phone calls. That makes it easy for me to know how many boxes I may ship and how much the price of shipping will be. Thank you for your service.

- Berkan S., Turkey"
"Thank you so much for your services,
I found your services, and customer services to be exceptional. I definitely look forward to using your services (and the $25.00 credit) in the future. Thank you very much for this gift! You're a great company and I would definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking into overseas shipping options.

- Joelle P., USA, NJ"
"Our experience shipping to our friend in Belgium was easy and extremely well organized. You firm’s web site ids incredibly well laid out and your team was very responsive on the phone. This is a tremendous improvement over other firms I’ve used in the past. Thank you.

- Matthew M., USA, VA"
"We were very happy with your service and understand you helped a lot the person sending the shipment navigate the regulations/procedure etc.

- Izumi Z., USA, NJ"
"Thanks it was my pleasures to ship by your company..

- Issa M., USA, PA"
"Excellent, on time and easy payment

- Mustafa A., Saudi Arabia"
"I was very happy with the service of Amid Logistics, there is nothing to improve. I thought that the service was very well organized, I was always very well informed about the next steps, and the customer service was very helpful in answering all my questions very swiftly. I will happily use Amid Logistics again should I need to ship to/from the US again! Thank you for your excellent service!

- Tanja K., Switzerland"
"We have made so far a 2 shipments and it went smoothly. We are please on how it went. We surely will use Your services again. Thank you.

- Marylene C., USA, NH"
"Great rates - cheaper then using other FF.
Easy to use your online booking service.
Only negative is i still have not received my bill of landing for my shipment, i have not received any paperwork regarding when it will
arrive etc. I had to go through my place of purchase to get this info

- Company, South Australia"
"Thank you very much for the opportunity to provide feedback. I also appreciate the $25 credit as well.

Our first experience shipping with you has been good for the most part. Most of my email and questions were answered in a timely manner. Some within 24hrs, most within 4 hours.

However there was a week that I did not get a response by your team for days. I'm unable to recall which days those were now but it was about 2~3 weeks ago where it seemed that the whole company was away.

Another issue that I would really appreciate you work on is a voice mail system that actually work for after hour calls. Due to my work schedule, I can only call you after hours buy every call that I do so was not effective as I could not get a response. I would suggest working on your voicemail system or sign with 3rd parties who have live, US based, personnel that takes after hour calls on for you can sends messages to the proper contacts for the next day.

- Aaron C., USA, California"
"It was my first shipment of this kind. I choose your company because on the website everything I needed to know was explained. The booking process was easy. Especially the two steps process with a tentative measurement and payment and a final measurement and payment was smart. Customer service was great. Responses were received in short time and helpful. Questions have been answered thoroughly.

- Johann B., Spain"

Very prompt and clear reply. Reliable services!

- Company, USA, MS"
"Your customer service was very helpful. This was the first time I have ever shipped a large item to Europe and everything from the packaging, labeling, and drop-off instructions were very helpful. I would ship with your service again!

- Ngoan N., USA, CA"
"Thank you so much for your care and your service. Can I submit my feedback after the consignee receives the shipped items? By this I will be more fare and I will have full opinion about your service.

- Fatema A. USA, Ohio

"So far I am very happy with the service.

- Roman Z., Brunei"
"Never having shipped anything I was totally lost on what to do. The people at International Shipping explained and walked me through the whole process step by step. And believe me, I called ten times with questions and the nice Lady answered them on the phone or sent me emails with instructions. This company is now my "go to" company for future shipping as all I have to do is send an email or make a phone call and everything just falls into place. Thank You International Shipping for a job well done!

- William D., USA, FL"
"We had a great service with you. Thank you for your professionalism and prompt answers to my questions.
Reliable and competent. Will surely make business with you if we need to ship again to/from the US.
5 stars service!
Thanks again

- Isabelle​ G., USA, CA"
"This has been a very pleasant (and stress free) experience, in what I thought was going to be a very daunting and complicated process. Your staff kept me informed every step of the way!!
Will definitely use your services again and will refer your company to my friends.
Thank you all for a job well done!

- Claire M., UK"
"I'm satisfied already, although i haven't received my freight goods yet , i used your services two years ago and everything was ok, so thank you.

- Diego O., Spain"
"Thank you for the $25 credit! We enjoy using you
Your service has been terrific.
The only negative thing is that sometimes your website freezes up midquote or seems to reset in the middle of doing something
Outside of that - you've been great!

- Company, USA, NJ"
"Your service was great. Lots of information. And fast service.

- Dr. A. A., KENYA"
"I have used you a number of times and have never had a problem. If something does arise and I am confused about paperwork or protocol, I just give you guys a call and someone always answers and takes care of my questions. I have complete confidence in dealing with you folks with my international orders. Everything seems to be pretty straightforward and easy to understand.

- Alan W., USA, Utah"
"We are happy with your service. The only thing I would suggest is it
would be nice if there was an automated way to get cutoff dates and
shipping times.

- Dean J., USA, PA"
"I just wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied with your
service, and I would definitely recommend it to friends and family.

- J. Andre, USA, NY"
"Thank. This was my second time shipping though you. I think the service was wonderful. Your processes are user friendly and of course your pricing is very good.

- Cecil S., USA, PA"
"I have used your service two times now and I am completely satisfied with the level of professionalism and expertise displayed by your staff! I worked mostly with Olga and she was very prompt and courteous in answering my questions and ensuring I had everything in order for each shipment.
We will most definitely use your company in the future.
Thanks again for a job well done!

- Mike P., USA, South Dakota"
" I have shipped many times with your company and find it easy and not complicated. On line forms easy to navigate and understand for price quotes. Your quick replies a big plus.

- Laurence D, USA, OR"
"If you provide a Arabian translator the business will be easier.we face problem in understanding the required steps.i always use fedex with my business and their steps are not complicated.yours I face problems in understanding it.I hope you make it online and less complicated.

- Abdullah A., Kingdom of Saudi Arabia"
"Service very good so far. I will give a final assessment when my stuff is safely in Sydney.

- ROBERT D., Australia"
"Quite frankly, the service was a disappointment.
Our merchandise arrived at the provider 1 day before the last day of accepting goods and it wasn't processed until three days after the container closed resulting in a 15 day delay in shipping. The due to Port Congestion, the next ship was delayed almost eight days.
The only time we received any information from you was when we requested it. You should have been communication with your customers on when they should be receiving their next piece of information.
Getting a quote for shipping was fabulous. Way ahead of the competition. Once we sent you the goods, the communications were difficult to understand, overly complex and always left me wanting more information.
Hope this was helpful.

- Ken H., USA, CA"
"I am very satisfied with your services.
The only suggestion that i have is to create your own payment method and not go through paypal.

- Sulaiman K., USA, GA"
"I'm so glad to do business with you, prompt and excellent customer service and courteous staff, nothing more one can expect.
Wish you all the best in all walks of life.

- Altair K., Australia
"Very helpful, will use again.

- Ali A., UK"
"Yes, I think you have and are providing excellent service. I have been pleased with the way you let me know the progress of the shipment each step of the way. Also, your responses have been fast and effective and clearly answered any questions I've had.

I will continue to use your services and have recommended your logistics services to others.

- Katrina S., Finland"
"Thus far your service has been great. We've had quite a few shipments with you and you've been awesome.
The only thing that would be nice is to set up an actual account with you for further discounting...

- Ent., USA, NJ"
"We was happy in general using your services.
We had following issues with this shipment:
- we ordered transport with final destination Sofia/Bulgaria and surprisingly had been notified paying additional 25% costs for transport from Hamburg to Sofia
I wouldn’t agree considering as “domestic expenses“the costs from Germany to Bulgaria and I would recommend you notifying your customers that you shipments are paid only to Hamburg.
- we have been asked to make twice additional bank transfers each costs 19$ in order to cover your bank taxes despite the fact we settled as usual exactly the necessary amount.
- we received our correspondence with you from 3 different emails which was quite difficult especially for company with heavy email traffic.
- your German agent Sea Master after receiving the additional payment for their service has stopped answering to our emails entire week.
I shared all my comments only with the hope that will help you improving your service.

Everything else was perfect.

- Comp., Bulgaria"
"Working with your company is a pleasure. The only issue is the time it took to get the shipment booked on the vessel. If I was notified about the departure date, I would've informed my customer about the transit time.

- Ramy M., USA, GA"
"Fast and easy to create an estimate cost, simple procedure with great customer service.Will use for next international shipping. Thanks!

- Su H., Republic of China"
"Thank you very much for all the service you provided. The US leg of the shipment was handled in an exemplary manner.

- Lars O., Sweden"
"Here is feedback and we are also going to ship again.
Shipping with you was easy professional quick and effective. Your
associates in Chicago were also resourceful and effective. We are very happy to be shipping again and will be scheduling with
you tomorrow next internet session here. Thank you.

- Paul S., USA, WI"
"Your shipping service is great, but sometimes it is frustrating getting multiple emails from different accounts all saying the same thing. I will continue to use your service for all my international shipping needs.

- Troy P., USA, IA"
"...well it's hard to say how to improve something that is running like a Swiss clock...but if I have to say something; then maybe it would be helpful to know, up front, shipping/departing/sailing out dates...for first time clients that is; to know better which dates to aim to / to prepare package on time ... but later I found out that vessels usually depart weekly so I don’t think this will matter for me next time anyway... Well no suggestions from me, really; Olga was excellent, prompt and clear with all answers, she was the best...It looks like the shipping industry has the highest logistic services...good job

- Tom. L, USA, FL"
"I have been using AMID shipping to many destination since 2011, I have been a happy customer since then. Great customer service, quick reply via email and phone calls. Though I like to suggest if you could have a chatting services too in the future but what amid offers has been safistied.
For tracking on the shipment status I would appreciate if you can have the tracking status/bar on the itself without going to the link. It would be more user friendly.

- Deisigan S., USA, GA"
"Awesome service and fast shipping.

- Dimitar D., Bulgaria"
"The experience with AMID was very good. Things went pretty much as expected with the service delivery, at least for the part that concerned AMID. Plus, the continuous e-mail assistance was extremely helpful.
As a suggestion to improve the service, I would say that it would be very useful for customers to know more about what to expect from the destination port when picking up the cargo. I understand that procedures would differ from one destination to the other one, but there should be some standard aspects that apply to (almost) every case. That would be the aspects to cover.

- Santiago B., Argentina"
"You ask my opinion about your service. I would love to answer but this is the first time I here from you. I am still waiting goods to come and would very much like to know when they are coming. I tried to read your instructions from the net (trace shipments), but perhaps it is clear to you experts how it can be done, but those instruction are written such a way that one cannot understand how it goes. I would say it on couple on sentences with clear message where to go and what to try and with what information. All I have is your ref -number and text LAXHEL and do not understand anything you explaine on your netsite about tracng shipments. It is a stone work from an Nevada-artist what I am waiting for and fo rme it is esential to know when to expect it, since I need lot of help etc to get the very heavy statue in place and I eve n do not know if I have to arrange pickup or goto customs or is it transported to my mansion directly.

- Kimmo P., Finland"
"Everything went smooth as clockwork. After some research on the Internet, I went with Amid Logistics because it was the easiest website to use to give me an instant quote on a small shipment. For others, I would have had to submit by email and wait for a quote. I also appreciated the clear explanation of procedures, forms, labels, etc. that would be needed, with samples often being provided. Drop off at freight station and pick up at destination were equally painless and went without hitch. I will gladly recommend you to others and will use you again.

- Nick S., Japan"
"Prompt service, very good communication. Staff were very courteous and interacted very professionally. Will definitely use AMID Logistics for all our future shipping

- Shiv V,. USA, OH"
"Your service is quite good. I would suggest a possible html based email that is more graphical and would define links to invoices and documents more clearly.

- John E., USA, WI"
"Thanks for delivering the goods speedily, easily, and safely. You're the best!

- Judy M., Australia"
"I found your service to be friendly and professional with a prompt response to my e-mails. I look forward to using your service in the future.

- Eric E., Sweden"
"Basically your service is very good and very direct, and very efficient.
There is a lot of information that the costumer needs to digest, I am wondering if there should be a way to improve the communications between the costumer and Amid Logistics. It is very dificult to absorved all of this information at one time. There should be another line of communication with another telephone operator, that will help and assist foreing costumers with the language they speak.
As for myself I am very please and happy with your service , specially for costumers that are not used to this kind of logistics. Overall I am very well satisfied with your service. I will be happy to use your service and recommend other potential costumers to use your services

- Tomas B., USA, TX"
"I'm super happy with your service. Olga helped me so much. Thank you all.

- Christopher R., USA, FL"
"This was the second time I requested your services.

I am very happy with the entire process and the way you are treating your customers. I am impressed by the time response to my mails and the received feedback of the entire process. For sure I am going to use your services in the future.

- Argyrios P., USA, NJ"
"Thanks for the excellent service

- Faisal T., USA, OK"
" I was happy with the service apart from the pick up. I would happily give positive feedback but would prefer $25 in my paypal.

- Francis C., Ireland"
"Good service. We will use you guys again.

- Ron W., USA, NY"
"We had a very positive experience using AMID. The staff was very helpful in helping me prep and ship my packages as a first time shipper. The recipient got everything in good shape and without unpleasant surprises. We plan on using AMID again the next time we ship internationally.

- Daniel N, USA, TX"
"I am really pleased with the shipping experience with you. Your web site was great with lot of contents in detail and self explanatory to anyone to understand and follow. The staff/support team was very efficient in replying emails and answering questions over the phone. This was my first shipping with you and I will definitely do more in future.
Thanks for all your help.

- Rajesh M., USA, CA"
"the service was great....but hoping would have faster pickup time....and we will def use you guys again...and talking about that....we just booked another shipment with you would like to get the $25 credit code, so we can apply it to the next shipment...

- Ron W., USA, NY"
"We are quite pleased with your service. We were a little last minute getting you our details and payment, but your staff responded quickly and we were able to get our shipment picked up according to our tight schedule. We have used you a few months back for a shipment to Trinidad and we will use you again when we have another shipment vis sea.

- Veda D, USA, NC"
"Your service was excellent. I had no idea about how to get my personal belongings shipped from Berkeley, California, to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and was very intimidated by the prospect. But your website and your representatives by email and the phone were extremely helpful and guided me through the process step-by-step. Even though it ended up costing a lot of money at both ends, I think it was the best way I could have gone to get this shipment done successfully.

It would help to let future customers know that they should make an itemized list of everything they are including in their shipments, along with an estimate of the value of each item. I had not done this and had to create the list from memory. Also, make sure your customers know early in the process that the costs of shipping overseas go far beyond just what you charge for your services, due to the many fees charged at the destination country.

Thank you for your assistance with this effort. There is no need to extend me any credit toward any future shipments, since I will not be shipping anything from or within the USA in the future.

- Michael P., Netherlands"
"Thank you for your services.
I am 100% positive; your collaborator on the phone was very patient with me
when I called several times with questions on how to organize my booking.
The delivery in the warehouse was very smooth and e-mail exchanges clear, to
the point and efficient.

- Pascale G., USA, CA"
"Our shipment arrived in Italy in excellent condition, nothing broken or damaged. We appreciated all your help along the way. I must say that you and your staff made this a pleasant experience, from beginning to the end we were always kept informed of the process of our personal and very precious goods. The company in Milano- we're very good also, no complaints there we worked well with Laurie. Thank you for everything and we would highly recommend you and your staff to others.

Bonnie M, Italy"
"I was very impressed and happy with the service provided thus far. I got all my concerns attended to immediately and your staff were very helpful.

- Varghese M, USA, MA"
"I am satisfied with the service I received on this shipment – though it’s not expected to be available to the consignee until June 17. It’s unlike I will be needing this service again but will happily recommend it to those who face a similar need.

Jeffrey M, USA, WA"
"Would be nice to have a H.S. code generator in the shipping process and also the option of being able to log in with an account to print out documentation of recent orders.

- Armin E., USA, CA"
"my general experience was positive.

However, I still have not received a receipt
for my payment by bank draft.

I was told that you do not accept credit card payments
for totals over $750 (my final total was $927 so it
is not clear why it was so important not to accept
credit cards for that, what was the big deal, so to say).
With a credit card I would at least have a clear record of
payment provided by the credit card company.

Could you send me an email receipt saying that I have paid
such and such amount by bank draft for the shipment
with such and such reference number?

- Mikhail K, USA, CT"
"Thank you so much for easy and fast service! I will recommend to my friends! Thanks!

- Sergey A., USA, CA"
"I love this service. Your service is the only online freight shipping service I can find. It is convenient, easy and straight forward to use; I was nervous and wary on my first shipment but once I went through it, it was a cake walk. Everything is done step-by-step as spelled out in your FAQs. I did a total of three shipments, the only hiccup was on my second shipment where when I was dropping off my boxes at the drop off warehouse, the ocean transport company had a financial discrepancy with the ground transport company. I would like to reiterate this is not the fault of AMID. During this hiccup, Olga at AMID was very apologetic and resolved this issue right away so I can drop off the boxes and be on my way. Overall, I will definitely use AMID again and have recommended my friends to AMID as well.

The only suggestion I have is to make online tracking of shipments available. I don't know if this is technically possible but it would be nice to be able to track your shipment like you do with UPS or FedEx.

- Jimmy C, USA, TX"
"I am responding to your request for feedback. To be perfectly honest, I do not know how you could do any better! Olga and your team have helped us time and time again. I have been amazed that 2 years ago I did a Google search and found a freight forwarder that has the best service and the best prices each time that I call, email or ship. I have even referred other folks to you, and have heard back from them about how helpful your team has been. Please don’t change a thing! We love your service!

- Phra P, USA, SC"
"Thank you very much for your service. The agent that was helping us was very good. She was always there to answer our questions. This was the first time that we shipped goods overseas. Your good customer service has made it so easy for us. The shipment left Houston on time. Will recommend any one to your service. Will be shipping some more house goods in the coming weeks.

"Service is excellent, accuracy in estimating dates, need more attention in informing the client about the updates

- Mohamed S, USA, MI"
"You guys are terrific! - so far of the 20 - 25 shipments, everything has been flawless

THe only part we are not crazy about is that we self-deliver and your receiving area sometimes can be incredibly difficult to manage. We are small so it is hard for us to compete with the big trucks there and it is often quite disorganized

- Jiming Y, USA, NJ"
"The prospect of shipping household goods was daunting and we really did not know where to start. I found your website which provided great information. From my first contact I was guided through the process and it was really easy. Any queries we responded to promptly. The cost was below my expectations.

In summary, Amid has provided exceptional service and I would recommend you without hesitation.

- Christopher E, Australia"
"This is the first time we are shipping over seas and it was so easy with AMID. I would recommend this service to my friends. thanks.

- Rekha A, USA, PA"
"Our first experience with your Firm was very pleasing. The only glitch on our side was that we did not notice the Invoice for the final approximately 25% of the payment due. We were a little confused by so many emails which did not seem to be crucial. Upon your second request for balance due we have paid immediately and hope that we may again work with you on other International shipments.

- Michael R, USA, NC"
"I had great service and won't change a thing! I will be using Amid more and more as our business continues to grow... Great service, easy to book and make changes if need be!

- Tracy H, USA, FL
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