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I. For new customers, shipments with unpaid deposits will not be processed. There is no obligation to cancel a shipment with an unpaid deposit.  

II. If a deposit is paid, we have processed the booking, but the shipment is canceled before the cargo has been tendered to the shipment, the customer will be refunded, less the processing fee:

III. After the cargo is submitted to the shipment but is still at the origin and can be returned, we will request the carrier to put the shipment on hold. The customer will be refunded after his/her written confirmation that the goods are taken back. $150 processing fee plus any carriers' charges accrued on this return (if any) are on account of the customer. 

IV. After a direct international ocean freight carrier has processed a shipment and the shipment cannot be returned to the shipper, i.e., cargo is on the way to the destination: consolidated in the container, entered in the international ocean carrier's container yard or pier to be loaded aboard a vessel, etc. a refund cannot be provided.

V. ROLLOVER FEE: Missing scheduled cut-off (latest delivery)/pickup day: If the cargo has not been delivered to a shipping terminal on the intended delivery day as requested by the customer at the time of booking, then we will roll the shipment over to the next available vessel without additional notice. Rollover fee may apply on each rollover:

VI. PAYPAL REFUND FEE. Fee on payments via PayPal:

VII. REFUNDS TO PAYMENTS BY U.S. BANK CHECKS, WIRE OR DIRECT BANK TRANSFERS, AND WESTERN UNION TRANSACTIONS: Having a negative experience, to avoid confusion and/or fraud, we provide refunds only to the name that was on the initial payment related to the refund. No exceptions.

If there is a refund by our U.S. Bank business check, then before a refund is initiated, the payer must reconfirm complete remittance information, including street address and a valid phone number. The U.S. First Class Mail, to mail a refund check is free. Any expedited mail must be prepaid. Please provide prepaid shipping labels. 

If there is a wire transfer refund or Western Union transaction, then any associated with the return fee is on the recipient's account. 

VIII. REFUND OPERATING COST & SMALLER REFUNDS UP TO $25: Our operating cost to complete a refund is $25. Then refunds toward deposits and small discrepancies in our invoices up to $25 may not be processed. If a customer insists on a smaller refund of $25 or less, an inquiry must be emailed. Then we will consider the refund in a case-by-case scenario.

IX. NSF: Insufficient funds fee (returned/bounced check) is $50.00.

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