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If you self-pack your goods for an international sea freight shipment then before you start to pack it make sure that you acknowledged about wood packing restrictions (ISPM15) in international shipping of sea freight.

You may also consider professional packing services that may pack your goods for the international shipping on your behalf. We may recommend the service from Navis.

If you are shipping boxes then, in your international shipping, you may use cardboard moving boxes of different sizes. Cardboard moving boxes for your international shipment can be purchased at any local store or from moving companies.

  • Heavy-duty boxes and crates designed for the international shipping can be purchased via Uline website or other online retailers that sell packing supply for international shipping.
  • We do not sell shipping boxes. However, we affiliate with and may recommend the Smart Pack Solutions online store for ordering cardboard moving boxes that are appropriate to the international shipping and comply with ISPM15 regulations.
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